Is the server down?

Go to the closest Starbucks and try it there.



The last couple of these have been ISP problems. Generally, it’s that the ISP has done something which breaks access to either AWS or to games.

See, e.g.:


Ty @Garanwyn. I’ll just try to wait it out.

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I wish I had a better answer for you. You might try what @KLinMayhem said and see if there’s connectivity at a coffee shop or something.

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Just hanging out in my trailer plotting my next heist :laughing:


A day later and still

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Can you connect from any other location like a coffee shop?

If your account is properly saved by being linked to the relevant Google/Apple account, you might want to try clearing your caches on the game, or uninstalling and reinstalling, to see if something somehow got corrupted on the update install.

At that point, if it’s still not working, I’d contact my ISP and submit a Support ticket to SG too. May as well pursue all avenues at once.


Back on. :slight_smile: it was my router. Thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions.


Glad to hear you figured out the issue and got back on!

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Hah! I had the same issue about a year ago. Even called my ISP tech support. The guy told me to unplug my router and connect the line directly to my PC, and sure enough my connection was back up. Replaced the router and no problems since.

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a few days ago i had the message servers bussy and i lost my asalt

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