Is the roadmap for the game totally toward P2W?

Pretty straight forward question. Is the roadmap for the game totally toward P2W? FYI, I do spend a few dollars a month to support the game.

I played this game for almost 10 months now and noticed that the game keeps moving towards P2W, little by little. The old argument was that even if someone buys 5* heros they need to wait on acension items, so the game started offering more acension items for sale. HOTM and event heros that are way better than those that you can make at the TC. The developer even reduced loot for lower level on the map (8-7 used to be great, now its crap) then after a while, they released loot tickets so people can buy their way to betting higher level map stages over and over for XP and items. They have even nerfed one of the free ways to get troop tokens, the recruit quest. We used to be able to get a troop token on every other uncommon recruit quest, now we had 4 in a row that gave us crap.

Adding new ways for people to buy their way to the top is one thing, but do the developers really have to also take away stuff from f2p and small spending players?


short answer: yes

Oh, and you forgot to mention, that diamonds given from chests and other loots are less, too.


So… yes, sort of?

The PTW portion is how they can afford to keep hosting and developing this game for us. If they stop developing the high end of the game, and pushing the challenges accordingly, those people don’t have any reason to keep paying. They have to keep wiggling the power curve around, including nerfing low end exploits.

My personal preference is for more cosmetic pay options than gameplay ones (Rocket League is an obvious example), but E&P isn’t on that trajectory. I don’t know the behind-the-scenes calculus for how companies decide which route to take.

Barring that cosmetic-only purchases, I’ll happily settle for transparency around FTP/PTW trajectories. Does paying money increase your odds of getting the hero of the month? As long as none of that BS is happening, I’m happy to play for cheap and take my chances.

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I don’t spend more than a couple bucks a month and am doing fine. I’d be doing better if TC20 would produce more, but that’s just luck.

I haven’t seen a downtick in 8-7 loot, I’m not sure why people keep saying that. It’s about 18 items total, 8 to 10 of which are recruits. They seem to be giving fewer backpacks, but that may just be an illusion.

And the epic troop token was just added a couple of months ago. I’ve been at this since July, and until January/February there was no epic troop token in recruits 2.

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Based purely on my own personal experience, paying a ridiculous amount of money does not increase your odds of getting the HOTM. In fact, I am now convinced that the more I spend, the lower my odds are, since I still don’t have Alasie and am pretty sure I won’t get her by the end of the month.


Absolutely yes. First of all, I like that the devs are bringing in new content (new event next month, woo!) and titans to keep the upper echelon of the player base engaged.

However, so far they are neglecting to offer ways to speed up the ascension of newer players. Sure, 1+ years ago when the game launched, the expectation was that you were going to spend the better part of a year maxing out your bench. That feeling won’t really fly now when a relatively new player sees most of those around him/her rolling with full teams of maxed 5 star heroes.

Most successful cell phone games I’ve seen begin to offer something of a ramp-up feature for new players after the 1 year mark. Otherwise, if they fail to inject new blood into their game, then their game fails fast.

The uncommon recuit Quest have not allways been given troop token. And they have made it more common for rare quest and made the loot better at rare quest so at some point it has gone the other way to.

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Absolutely yes, but thats not a surprise anymore.
The project for this game is quite clear for some time now.

If people keep spending no matter how bad the offer is, it’s only normal SG take advantage of this.
I totally do that too, in their shoes.
The only reason to reverse this trend is that suddenly people don’t spend anymore.
But for now i guess they are quite safe on that.

Law of the market: if people buy, rise the price.


This is a F2P game. My advice would be to redefine what “win” means for yourself.

If you’re a free player, or one that just doesn’t spend much at all, maybe a VIP, the odd < 3 € sale here and there, then you’re “condemned” to taking it (very, if you’re free) slow. So that’s where you need to redefine “win” as “having fun dieseling along”.

Do that, and you can totally win this game without spending a penny.


I can confirm this…I play for nearly a year. Since last update no epic troop tokens anymore at recruits II…

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One thing most new players need to realize, too (and a lot of older players, IMO) is that 5* heros can be kind of overrated. They take FOREVER to level, and are actually worse than 4* at 3/70. I have only 2, 5* heros in almost a year, but I tank top 3 in almost every titan and war for a 120k alliance because I have almost 20 fully ascended 4* heros. Desire is the root of all misery…

  1. Can you beat a full set of 5* HOTM with heroes you get for free in the game?

  2. Can you get a full set of competitive 5* or HOTM for free, without spending any money? If yes, how long does that take?

  3. What are the opportunities for free ascension items in the game?

I think the answers to these three questions goes a long way to determining if the game is F2P, P2W, or still somewhere in between. I hope SG keeps providing for the F2P player as well.


I am level 50 and my strongest team has 3900 power.

  1. As stone are random you can defeat a full set of 5* HOTM for free even with only 3 5*. Once upon 5/10 times maybe :slight_smile: Except if the HotM include Alberich Zeline Ares.
  2. In one year I got one HotM for free, my daughter one et and my brother 1. With TC20 (it tooks me 7 months to get it) I got 14 5* in 6 months (14 on 160 pull, almost twice the standard stat. 2 on 80 for my brother)
  3. 5 telescopes in 13 months. Isarnia and Magni are cryiing in the game. Yesterday I got a tabard in dark elemental chest. My first 4* ascencion item this year in chest. In one year I have enough items to ascend one hero in each colour except blue. 2 in red, missing one dart for second in yellow.

So according to your points and my experience EP is not a F2P. And to be honest I’m not F2P. I’m not paying enough I suppose to get HotM from my investment. I don’t know the price of a regular guenievre. should be above 500 euros. Two friends spend such amount to get her and just got 4/5 regular 5* I’m getting with TC20. Not acceptable from my standpoint.

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I was among the top scorer on Titan too with a 4* team, however that changes once you get to higher level Titans.
It is also virtually impossible to do that against a red Titan if your teammates have Athena and Arthur.
Same with yellow Titan if your teammates have Athena and panther

Are those your “victory conditions” then? Are those the conditions that define winning this game for you? My victory condition is fun, and this means I want to feel a gradual progression, I want to feel relevant towards my alliance mates, and I want the giddy feeling of great success/luck from time to time. And all those I can get for free - or actually with little spending as I’m not a completely free player.

But let’s go over the 3 conditions you post:

  1. Yes, while I still lack the roster to try this, I’m certain and confident that I could, given a full set of 5stars from the TC20. Sure the HOTM’s are a notch above the normal 5star heroes. But we have our noggin’s to make up for that.

  2. No, you can’t, at least not within any reasonable timeframe. However, you can get more or less half a team. I’ve gotten Delilah for free. Still hoping for a 2nd HOTM to drop my way.

  3. There are plenty of “opportunities” for free ascension items, it’s just that most of those opportunities in themselves are very small because of the low odds. Rare quests being the only exception.

I do appreciate how you evade answering the question for yourself. I can actually answer it for myself: I’ve spent money on this game to my enjoyment of it. So for me, by my own definition, this is a P2W game. I might have given up on it by now if I hadn’t spent that money, because while I’m okay with dieseling along, I still need the rooftop off and feel some wind in my hair.

No need to hope on SG to keep providing for the F2P players. You can rely on them to keep doing so. They are still a direct source of income (mythic vision, SG gets paid for each advertisement view, loads of breadcrumbs do make a bread), and a vital indirect source as well: without free players the game would not be nearly as much fun for all the paying players.

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The game is not any way free to play or been made for free players or even the small spenders.
This game had been made for rich people, I used to think about it like our life, Life is not fair, RICH people gets cool stuff easy (for them) and mid/poor people struggle some when/how.
EP been made as life, Spent alot and enjoy rosting the F2P.
F2P are the food of the VIP players just like what life is.
But this is just a game right? :thinking:
LIVE WITH IT. :sunglasses:

Classic missconception. It works if we talk about commodities/stocks, but a video-game is way more complex.
Make the wrong decision and then people move to a different game. By the time you adjust down the price again it is too late - your old costumers are now commited to a different game (and there are hundreds of them).

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