Is the new META available as a set?

Can I buy these all together? Or do I have to use a portal?

Yes you can for only $

Unfortunately no!
All those heroes are available through the Ninja gate available next month (every other month) & have a slim % of chance of getting them.

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Poor Jade, getting absolutely no love.


Of course.

I won’t get tired of saying that Shale and Jade are RUBBISH.:man_shrugging:t4:


She needs a serious reimagining. Agreed 100%.

Substandard dragger - the mana cut stinks and the dodge is the worst of the big 3 greens.

Maybe give the dodge to everyone on your squad with the current percentages at each charge node :man_shrugging:


The irony I find there is that’s the only two I got. Agreed though, complete crap

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I got her last October and she’s been sitting on the bench since then.

In fact, I suggested in the ninja thread that she could have 100% dodge for 2/3 turns for all allies in the third charge (besides that the dodge should be for all allies in all charges). The mana cut is absolutely disposable.

If Cobalt has 100 % of ignoring the defensive buffs, why not dodging 100%?

@Infinite I’ve got Shale as well, and C. Rigard is far miles better than him. Maybe it’s the only red hero that cleanses ailments, but that’s not enough.

Cobalt is insane OP. Onyx too. Other heroes get at most 60% chance to avoid def buffs.

The ninjas were clearly designed for whales who wanted an easy way to build a functional team using money rather than strategy. First time I heard about the 'Ninja Tower" I had a bad feeling in my gut. They could be the end of E & P as a strategy game.


Yeah, which is why I have four emblemed Rigards , 3 at 18 and one at 13. I ascended Shale because hidden blades have become meaningless. But he is complete poop

Appropriately named though, most of the rest are semi precious or useful elements, where he is just a lump of common rock

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Dude probably dropped 10 grand on that team.


I have the feeling he did not subscribe for the nospend trend.


Change the dodge from special attacks to normal attacks and call it a day

Dude, anything, please! Just help my girl out!

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