Is the items from the hero chests better?

It seems I get better items from the “kill 40 heros” (raids) chests than I do from “kill 100 monsters” or “kill 5 titans”… Am I right?

What’s the best loot to get? I got 10 diamonds a few days ago and today a epic token…

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It should be all about luck, except maybe on plat or diamond tiers have consistently better loot than monster or titan chests.
The best loot is 4* ascension item. Also gold tokens are rare and good. You can get both from any chest.

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Yer, depends on your tier. I’m gold tier and it’s pretty on par or slightly below my recent monster chests and titan loot.

It’s very subjective how you feel about it as we all have hot and cold patches.

The best loot is an unfarmable ascension item. But it is very very rare.

I’m also a fan of trainer heroes and flasks. Obviously 3* trainer heroes are best and titan flasks are rarest.


boasting: Just got a Magic Orb and Alliance flask from a Titan chest. :star_struck:

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Been about par for my chests lately. :frowning:

A tonic :smiley:

Never seen that on raid chest :smiley: So it is possible :smiley:

also a tonic in monster chest here today :grinning:

Conspiracy theorist in me is wondering if players who pay for stuff get crappier stuff in nonrare wanted chests

It seems as it is a random thing, ive got a alliance flask from just watching a clip now and then and somtimes i get really good loot from a 100 monster chest and sometimes i get crap, so yeah i think its mostley luck what you get.

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I’d say: “but most of the time I got crap”.

I’ll say ‘and almost all the time I get crap’

Though I did get a cape from today’s vision.