Is the hero grading sheet past time?

I don’t see Onatel and Kunchen in the spreadsheet. It looks like latest Atlantis hero is missing too. Have you stopped maintaining the sheet? Not that it’s unusuable now :smiley: Just asking :sunny:

My two cents: after what players said about the spreadsheets I would not be surprised at all if they would just update it in private.

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Anchor has been been sharing his opinion on hero grades on his YouTube stream lately. Look him up there, search some of his recent videos, and there are some timestamps in the comments for what topics he talks about. Both of the hero’s you mentioned have been discussed.


No option… takes way to long :smiley:

With S2, they started to be off. The wheels fell off around Christmas heroes. Classes have almost completely ruined the previous grades. Now there’s a hero rebalance patch.

Good riddance.

You’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you’re relying on that awful list to make decisions. Don’t be sheep, think for yourself.


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