Is the Gravamaker or Ares? ? which ring should i give?

Which one should I improve my friends first ?
this is my team :

I’d Say Ares!
20 things, stuffs

Very difficult as both are in top 10 heroes ever released. However, considering your other heroes definitely Ares.

Interesting luck as from top 10 heroes you own 4.

  1. Hel
  2. Zeline
  3. Yunan
  4. Guin
  5. Ares
  6. Alasie
  7. Gravemaker
  8. Rana
  9. Alberich
  10. Magni

Both GM and Ares are extremely good heroes. Both can be used as tank for defense team are very good choice for Offense. But if you want to choose one, it’s very situational.
If you want to kick some titans, Ares is your choice.
You dont have much healers ? Take Ares.
You need The most powerful tank between the two? Take GM.
You need quick damage ? GM
You need attack buff ? Ares etc
Both heroes are great, it’s a tough choice, choose wisely. It’s situational.

Titan - ares
Defence - GM
Offence - debatable

Gravemaker, and don’t even think twice

You won’t find better combo than Gravemaker + lvl 11 mana troops :man_shrugging:

Who made that list lol

And is it in order

@Denys, I was thinking the same thing because I feel as if a few star players are missing from that roster.

And at least one shouldn’t be there at all.

Personally, I count 3, but that’s just me.
Where are Panther, Athena, Lianna and Sartana?

No, I just did it to see what I had.

I didn’t understand exactly which one to use !!

I collected data and opinions from many players around me. E.g. Suggestion for Yunan as the best defending hero came from Dator and Uclapack (details in a thread called Anchor and Aegir). Yes, Gravemaker should be possibly 3 positions higher and Panter should probably replace Rana. Btw. This is raid oriented list, for titans it would be completely different order.

If it’s raid oriented, shouldn’t Athena have made it to the list, as well as Delilah and Lianna?

Together with Marjana, Sartana, Aeron, and Red Hood they definitely deserve a second 10, but first 10 are quite full. It is definitely disputable, but if you look on a presence in top 500 players - it is pretty much Guin, Zeline, Alasie, Gravemaker and Hel everywhere. Athena is not used very often - people in top 500 prefer Alasie when they choose blue defense. For offence Athena is a favourite to attack red defenders, but Alasie is used more often too.

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