Is the game really P2W? or not?

so you’re saying we should just assume the position & just enjoy it like gramma’s apple pie?

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If the definition of “win” is “sit near the top of leaderboard consistently” or “top 10 the epic and legendary monthly events” then yes, it’s pay 2 win and has been for awhile.

but pretty much every other aspect of the game can be enjoyed and done successfully without paying much.


At a certain point, you have to know that pissing into the wind just gets you wet.

The game has had a certain hero and ascension team drop rate for awhile now. The game has grown a ton and despite the forum bitching and moaning continues to do so. Given that fact, any thoughts that the drop rates for heroes are going to magically increase is pure fantasty. Why people expect a dev to come and say “nothing is changing” baffles me.

The communication from staff to players has always been sporadic and generically vague for the most part. Most likely it will always continue to be so.

If you want it changed then you should definitely keep advocating for that change, but i wouldn’t get emotionally invested in it to the point where you get angry if it doesn’t. Seems to defeat the point of a game (ie fun).


It’s very simple. The way to the ears of the powers that are runs through their wallets. If you can make 50% of paying games stop paying for a week or longer, they will hear you. If you can’t do that, then you won’t be heard.


They wouldn’t care less.

Once the Empires cash cow dies, they will launch a new game. I don’t imagine for one second that SG expect E&P to run indefinitely.

They do make money from direct purchase deals, and I’m ok with that aspect of the game. They also make money from advertising and the daily player log on counts. Even if we don’t directly spend, we still directly affect profits. They have slowly taken away the F2P rewards, while still reaping the rewards of our loyalty. It has gotten nearly impossible to have any meaningful progression without spending money. Sure it’s “possible” to get really lucky but not probable at all. It’s possible to win the powerball too but not a lot of people count on it for retirement.


Doesnt matter if they have 1 million post in here, as long as the money keeps increasing they will keep going to a P2W aspect. Lots of people played other games, I played one that they made obsolete everything people had spending for 6 months and just moved further If the game lives for a long time I am sure they will release 6* heroes and make everyone kinda lose what they had.

I make sure to check on developers informations before starting a new game.

No doubt.

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I don t understand why ppl keep sayng it is going to p2w , the way i see it is , spend some money couse i don t want to wait 6 months till i m going to reach at least a competitive team , after all this is the beauty of the game , time and perseverence , don t want to spend money go tc20 and wait , buy the time you will get the 5* heroes you might have the ascension items req , wich you showld defenetly get , the drop rate is not that bad regarding everyone here is complaining , we have daily chest, events,quests,Titans and war , that is fairly a decent amount of chances to get the ascension items …If someone can define p2w and wath is wrong with ,if you want to be in the top you need to be 100% dedicated , that in my words is exactly wath the top 500 players are doing probably.i can add more positive arguments then negative …

In this game we can win in many ways, but one definition of winning seems to be the right for me. You’re a winner if you have fun, no matter if you are in the top 10 or if you have the highest trophy score. What can be fun for us? Nice people to chat with, new heroes, progression map/village/higher titan damage…, good loot. A lot of people have fun in their alliances but are frustrated, because their loot is bad or they don’t get new and useful heroes. What do they need? The answer is, a good balance. If you get everything right now, you’re bored. If you get nothing over a too long period of time, you’re bored and frustrated. If you have to pay to have fun, because this is the only way to reach the right balance, this game is p2w. What can be done by SG? Even somebody who doesn’t spend a single cent on this game should be able to make decent progression. For example it is to long to get a 4* ascension item just every 2 months as f2p. If we compare this to a big spender who should be able to get them every day or week? If there is an unfair advantage for a spending player, this game is also p2w. Yes, somebody who spends money shall get something in return, but this is poison for every competitive game. Maybe SG can find a way to appreciate spending players but without give them an advantage over other players.


People keep saying it’s going more pay to win because of the big decrease in free ascension materials. I am totally free except one vip pass. In the almost 8 months I’ve been playing I did exactly what you said; grind, be patient, build training camps and wait. I did get my 5 star hero, two of them in fact. At the current rate I’m going it will be another 6 months before I have the mats to ascend even one of them. That’s the problem, more and more opportunities to buy the mats and less and less chances to get them for free.

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If you are plaing for 8 months , ok you have started the game you had no competitive decks to finish of quest and events , but naw as you sad earlier , you shold be able to compleet all of them , the amount of ascension items will increas exponentialy , every 2 weeks we have quest with guaranteed ascension materials an 1 event a month with plenty of rewords for completion , you should get some good stuff even if you have a coulour chest each 2 weeks , as i stated earlyer , planty of staff will come up trust me , i m in the game for about same time as you are, and i did payed for summons , i actualy got my ascension materials for free and i have 4 heroes 5* maxed out , and curently holding materials for 3 more , but i was probably faster , having that competitive team making posible to finish of events and quest before you … dont get frustrated just look for a nice positive , competitive aliance , and all will be much more better :wink: .

I can actualy tell wath i got in rufly 8 months :
7 scopes,10 tonics,10 tabarts,12rings,12 darts,
Just to summ up the 4-th ascension items :slight_smile:

I must be playing a different game than you are, I’m not even close to anything you claim. I’m in a very good alliance that’s killing 10 star titans. I’ve done the best I can do on every event and special quest that has ever been up since I started playing. Even with the special quest guarantee of 4 star mats I’m months away from ascending one hero. I think my luck is way more in track with the rest of the community than yours is, just because you personally have had very good luck doesn’t make the rest of our experiences invalid.


This is getting close to a dictatorship…

TO keep in the topic, the game was always p2w, but the main concern is that its even more in those path. Avatars, Loot tickets, double builder, especially new heroes, nothing new that was added to the game came for free


Avatars are the best kid of pay to win, they don’t actually help you win. I love when I see all the new ones on peoples profiles.

Everything else is available free through normal game play, double builder the exception, just not at a rate that folks feel good about it.

What’s winning in this game anyways? It’s been said before, but, I mean, what is winning? Paying to win what? Paying shortens the time to get to the same end game. Play long enough and you can have anything a paying player has. Might take a lifetime and/or a TON of luck, but still.

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It is a little distasteful the drop in ascension materials we have seen and logged over the past six months just to have one employee come in and be disingenuous with the facts and the next address nothing and close the thread. People. Please respond with your pocket books are store ratings until they return back to where it was.

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But did you kickstart your 8 month progress with some purchases (not mats)? Because if you did buy a few pulls (and I’m not criticizing you for that, I did it myself) then you likely had “better” heroes earlier and rare quest rewards were probably accessible to you earlier than someone playing F2P, relying on tokens, luck, and patience. Just looking at the TC20 results thread, mileage varies quite a lot. As do elemental chests etc.

That is wath i did in the first 2 months, i v played the game enjoied (did understud the mecanics and tipe of game )and i thouth to my self ,hmmm i might need to spend some money to speed things up…

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I am an F2P player and reading the last threads, I have the impression that paying gives more disappointments than fun.
I grind for almost a year. Having 6x fives fully ascended (and spare AMs for another three), co-leading in a great alliance, having very good titan hits, winning most of wars - that gives me lots of fun. When I can succesfully compete with P2W players, fun is even bigger.

Summarizing E&P is the only moblie game in which I can play for so long, without boredom. I do not have an unambiguous answer if it is P2W, but for sure it is F2E (free to enjoy) and i hope that season 2 won’t change that state :smile:


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