Is the game really P2W? or not?


Good evening! I fully agree and agree with you. As much as possible… Not getting through… They can’t hear Us.


The game is pay to gamble.


It’s not that the game is P2W, since everyone has a different idea of winning. Though you will likely need to do a bit of spending if you feel the need to see your name on leaderboards.

So no, E&P is NOT P2W.


Let’s not buy anything from them… Why pay for the air? I their hard-earned money has paid for … for a simple three-star heroes. In any game there is no such that would have to pay for the air. The greed of developers knows no bounds


Is this game P2W? Yes, but maybe I’m wrong. I’m absolutley f2p and I will test it. Hope it doesn’t take 60 years to get the necessary amount of decent 5* heroes.


pay 2 cry game model


The game is not pay to win. But pay to lose. Unfortunately I discovered that the game is a gamble. I regretted the loss of my money. Is anyone telling these stupid developers. If I wanted to gamble I would gamble for real money. I pay to enjoy playing.
We must stop wasting our money. Without getting the tools we need.


It is absolutely p2w in monthly events now.
It is almost unreal to get, for example, 5 3* attack family heroes. And it is realy unbalanced on events.

For now I’m regularly get top-100 on 3* events with my teams and items without any donate. But now, I think , I can just feed those 3* to not waste free hero space. Leave one team just to complete events. Cause it is impossible to me to get those new imbalanced 3* heroes from right family. It will take years.

p.s. Just done 3 atlantis summons:
Gan Ju, Dawa, Gan Ju.
It is Gan Ju summon for me.


It is, of course.
It started with introduction of Hotms. Before that you could, with patience, pull every heroes, throught portal or tc20. Money just speeded up the process but on the long run the P2P and F2P had the final goal to play with the same roster of every maxed 5*.

After the introduction of Hotm this balance broke down. Heroes featured one month only and not obtainable without luck (read spending money) changed the perspective of the F2P. The situation worsened with the events heroes.
Now the situation is worsend again. A F2P just have to hope on a lucky pull, otherwise many of the best heroes are out of his/her reach. Even C2P are screwed since the extremely low odds to pull that core 5* are so low that like planets alignents are more common.

What community asks is that devs could use some fairness and add those heroes to TC20 after a while but, obviously, this request landed on deaf hears, which is sad.
And it is sad because they are just denying the hope to the players that aren’t willing (or just can’t) to spends hundreds of dollars but sustain the game with their playing


Nice war by the way…


Thanks. You too.

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I have always been skeptical of this “win” word in this game. You don’t really win anything by paying more other than satisfaction for yourself. I guess that could be considered winning to one. Everyone has their own definition…


The problem is that my theme and messages were deleted before such rule… Also I didn’t recieve earlier any constuctive answer (or even any answer) what rules were violated. I checked them all, linked them, but the aswer was same - some part of new rule, so no answer… I won’t be suprised if that or any of mine or others messages will be deleted or even forum account banned without some constuctive reason. But that will be nice kick - leave the forum, then leave the game.


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I think someone else was curious, not me, and recommend you delete your post. Can’t complain too much if you get banned for breaking a shiny new rule the same day it is introduced.


The problem is that I really don’t care now about that, such disrespectful and disregard for customers made it.


I am happy for all those whom I am fortunate, but I am afraid that it is 0.9% of those who did not succeed in winning the prize. Cutting the chances of getting a 5 * hero of the event is already greed. On the other hand, I would call myopia the situation where people who invest a lot of money, ie about 500US $ per month, do not win anything from either Titan or from the chests or the draw of 30,000 diamonds. Such manipulation is based on the fact that why give for free as this person will buy anyway. ERROR until the moment arrives that someone understands that nothing is winning because he invests too much, so he will withdraw from this exchange of fools since he gets only virtual trash for his real money. I would advise you to rethink this strategy of robbing many players who are investing, let them spend the money better on rehab from the game, if they can get more without paying. In fact, for real money, you sell pictures that may disappear virtual wealth purchased for real money tomorrow, and pocket-sized kids.