Is the game heading to pay to win?

20K gems is 7-8 10-pulls? That is enough for maybe one 5* on average. So zero is not strange at all.

What about the free pulls?

want to see the free pulls!!

i usually save coins for a while then try to pull so as you can see how bad it’s now!


I actually meant how many not what they were. I am of late getting most of my new 5* from SE and FS, averaging maybe 300 pulls per year. Every so often I will luck out on a lucky draw, usually 1-2 times a year.

I do manage to get up to 2 HOTM per year too.

That is overall pretty much what to expect from the odds.

Even for ftp 300 per year is not enough, but it depends on activity. I made about 400 in six months.

The chances of getting 5* were met (and even a little higher), I even got a modern hero not from the HOTM series, but there is a nuance…

But there are also advantages - looking at my best heroes, I think I’m still living in 2022. :rofl:


Platil jsem tisíce korun měsíčně a vyhrával jsem raidy jeden za druhým a vůbec nevadilo proti komu bojuji. Přestal jsem platit a najednou raid nevyhraju ani proti týmu, proti kterému bych měl vyhrát i se zavřenýma očima takže za mě ano, když chcete vyhrávat musíte platit jako mourovatý. Hra je to hezká ale šíleně podvádí…

You do understand that there are different levels of defeat? :slight_smile:
0 points would be total defeat. Should only rarely happen baring bad luck.
Doing some damage but not kill the tank would be bad.
Killing the tank is already better and so on.

The rest, there were three combinations in the first three rounds, that’s the only way to get a victory, if it doesn’t come in the first three, it’s over, 100% certainty of defeat and it should never be like that.

I don’t see raid flasks anymore and they don’t put in uncommon quests anymore

Ola galera atuliza a capacidade de heróis esta quase 1300 herois e muito gasto com diamantes pra acompanhar deveria ter pelo 500 de capacidade gratis

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I always thought this game was more of “you lose even after you pay”.

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Well, you do lose the money you paid with …


We lose money, our peace of mind, our sanity, and in a few cases lose their phones as well :laughing:

The game has always been pay to win, aka pay to gain gaming advantages over non payers, but this mainly translates as pay to rank.

Matchmaking should sort players and alliances into competition with others of a similar level, but with master emblems and legendary heroes not greatly registering, this has its flaws.

The gap grows. The more ascension mats and heroes they bring into the game, that can be bought with money, the more advantages payers have.