Is the game fair or unfair?

For some people …

… and for other people, it’s free to play - with products of special buildings and map and quest rewards being continually granted.

Hm… It is true that we all have a choice wether we will pay that price or not… But it doesn’t change the fact that everything in this game is super expensive - if you choose to pay for something, wether it’s for better heros, ascension mats or whatever.

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Because it is. It’s a Gacha game. Nothing surprising with that.

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Damn dude. I feel for ya. I had about the same luck except I got 3 Kalos. Im moving over to the very very very c2p once new buildings are open to construction with only the VIP going forward


I feel you… most of my 10-pulls go the same way… so much that an event / seasonal 4* is a good result for me

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That´s…Just painful. I´m sorry. :slightly_frowning_face: But I am also very grateful that you share these summoning results here, so everyone knows what to expect. Good luck ahead :four_leaf_clover:


It isn’t like they are taking gems, heroes or troops away from you and giving them to other players.

It costs you nothing to exit your alliance, uninstall the game and never return. That is fair.

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A lot of people play. A lot of people make 50 pulls like you did. Some of those, including you, get skunked. The ones who do are more likely to show up here with their story. That’s why we have to point out that it’s random and you knew the odds before you tried. There’s all sorts of analysis available. You had a really bad, and unlikely, result. But it’s not all that far from the normal. Normally you would have gotten 2-3 five stars. You got 0. That’s not all that unlikely.

I did 12 pulls, which is a lot for me, and got three… two HotM and one other that I don’t particular see a use for right now.

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It is clearly stated that the first 3* hero every player will get is Bane, this is fair.
For the rest, it is all based on odds, si it cannot be unfair… Statistics are not fair neither unfair.
The principle of using statistics? Could ne s’en unfair, but as far as the process is transparent, for me it is fair…

Fair is somewhere you got to, to have fun and experience rides. There’s nothing fair in this legal gambling machine not matter how they dress it up with cartoon characters.

What you should bare in mind in any form of gambling the house always wins !

How does the house win with ftp players?

Sure they get ad revenue… but we get hundreds or thousands of hours of entertainment. Cant we all win?

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I know you from Phoenix Empire that’s anything but ftp there right

I don’t think at the moment there is anyone FTP there, but I could be wrong.

I semi retired that account, been playing a FTP account for the last 5 months,