Is the Emblem Pack offer in Shop a good value?

With emblems showing up more often in loot or as rewards is the Emblem Pack offer in the Shop still good value? The current offer is 15 Monk and 15 Cleric emblems for 175 gems. I read one post from a while back that estimated the value of an emblem at 5 gems.

Not really since there are so many ways to get free emblems

I agree that emblems have been more plentiful than ever in the game now, thanks to mythic titan, Ninja Tower, increased emblems in the Trials, etc. Still, I purchased the emblems from the shop - guaranteed gem investment to improve the talents of my existing heroes instead of using them in a crappy 10-gem pull from a portal with abysmal summon rates for legendary heroes.

With that said, I think it goes down to your priorities in the game. Do you desire to try your luck in the summon portals, or do you want to improve the heroes you already have in your roster? Your spending habits would also factor in this decision. :grinning:


It’s a matter of timing. Sure, there are many ways to get emblems. But if you are just missing some emblems to get to the next node for your hero and there’s an event, tournament, or raid where you can use that hero, then I’ll buy from the shop.
Of course, I don’t 10 pull or even gem pull a lot so I only use gems for tournaments

Edit : Oh, I also use gems to skip Wanted missions, but that is a small amount daily


It depends on the emblems offered and your need. If both types of emblems are ones I have immediate or impending need for, I go for it. If only one is, I consider it. If neither are particularly needed at the moment, I skip it.

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Same as Soira. I buy that kind of offers if I desperatly need those emblems. Otherwise, I don’t.

Painful one this time. I have zero need for Cleric (1200 of the things already) but really wanted more Monks. So I got them for that…and who knows, maybe one day I’ll get a Cleric I feel worthy of them emblems??

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