Is the elemental chest announced in advance?

Hi all,

just a curiosity:
I did not notice it before (maybe because I see the elemantal chest very rarely).
It seems to be already announced at the end of the previus “normal chest”.

After receiving the “normal chest reward”, the first chest becomes “a little grey”.
After the 12H I had the green elemental chest.



I’ve never noticed it before.

Is it always like this?



It seems to be always yeah. It was only recently noticed in the other topic that covers wanted chests. So we don’t know how long it has been occurring

Thanks for the response!

So I will know in advance that I’m going to receive crap…
Just my opinion, I don’t like it.

Ha. I never noticed this.


This was just uncovered recently - it’s amazing it took so long to notice considering how many chests I’ve cycled through!


Thats due to the fact that elemental chest reflect the elemental color only recently.

Previously it was always purple, and as we have seen in the other thread the shade of grey reflecting purple is really similar of the normal chest.

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When you ar looking at the picture, you will see that element chest is also bigger than normal not only shade of gray that change.


I really think these changes came with one of the last updates… someone absolutely would have noticed this before


So what’s the over/under on how quickly this gets changed back to normal? 3 days?

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I think they should also start announce when the chest gives crap like the following.

If any Dev is reading this comment I’d like to ask for elemental chest every 3 months but with proper prizes.

The chests also have a line at the top so it really doesn’t matter the size or color just look for that support line on the lid.


Duh, someone gives a beer to this dude.

My treat.

Heh, I recently had a similar booty from the wanted box, I did not know whether to laugh or cry, especially the usual chips disarmed me :frowning:

I noticed this change the last time the Elemental chest showed up on my adcount. I think the change is recent.

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I only saw it on my last chest too. I might have missed it before, but judging by the reactions here I too think it’s a very recent change.
It makes sense though - it’s now a big temptation to open the new chest with gems… just to see what’s inside.

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Some have said that the really pale grey colored chest will turn out to be yellow or green, while the darkest grey will be red or purple. Maybe!

I took screenshots of mine, which turned out to be nature. I’ll watch out to compare to whatever I get next to see if there’s a difference.

The bottom are the gray nuances, the top are in what they’ll turn into:


There’s no discernible difference between the gray variants of purple and blue. Darkest gray will be red, and the really pale gray will be yellow. Green will be a bit darker than yellow.


Thanks Kahree! I vaguely recall discussion over which was the darkest color but can’t recall the end. Thanks for the grey-scale chart! :slight_smile:

Useful. Purple does look a little darker than blue to me on the chart, but that could easily be an optical illusion from the eye’s reaction to the colors to each side. If I have time later I might check that with a graphics program for curiosity’s sake.