Is the E&P community shrinking?

I’m noticing more n more alliance looking for players on the forum and I started wondering, is it because ppl are leaving the game? Is it because ppl are not happy with alliance wars that they quit alliances? ( all just speculation) or is it because of an accumulation of many factors?. Just curious. Maybe I’m just over thinking it. Who knows but there have been an increase in alliances looking for new blood for the team!.maybe ppl are fed up paying for low percentages on summons. What does everyone think k?.

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As far as I am aware there has basically always been an overabundance of alliances for players to join… owing to the very low startup costs of an alliance :slight_smile:

Maybe alliances are just better managed now, so less people are wanting to jump ship? :stuck_out_tongue: , meaning the same number of people playing but less recruits available because people are happier in their alliance


I guess its the warchest.

You now have a purpose in joining an active alliance that wins wars not just kills 6* titans because of half of the members and some big hitters.

If you want a chest openes in 25 defeats = 12.5 weeks ok.
If you want it like in max 4 weeks then look for an alliance.

Alliances are dropping inactive/slacking too.


I think you just used the recruitment subject only to say tgat the game is not fair. Right? :thinking:
Oh yah and

Me too :slight_smile:


Maybe more people have notice that the forum is a good advertising board?
I literally jump from chat to chat in the game, even switching languages.

There’s one thing that is the same for everyone: Recruiting hell everywhere.

Raids? Wars? Events? Pff.
Recruiters fight much more then that.

And thats like this from some time now.


Absolutely - there is a recruiting arms race.

And as @Duaneski says (he’s actually right for a change) there are too many alliances.

Lots of us think that we have a fresh new idea for an alliance - but it’s then very difficult to find 30 people who agree!

So we have more eye catching graphics and more anarchic gimmicks.

But most alliances want the same things - active players, no drama, war and titan hits. It’s all a little ubiquitous.

It’s still possible to recruit, but it requires a lot of work!


There seems to be an increase in really low level types starting their own alliances. Bad as that idea is (unless the low level is an alt account from a more senior player) I see it happening way more often.

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On the subject of alliances, I believe there are alot of ppl who want the loot from multi * titans big sont want to b bothered with chatting n having to hit every titan. For that alone some ppl just dont wanna join any alliance. As for many alliances looking for more or fresh new recruits, that I believe is an accumulation of many factors.

I actually blame our frantic recruitment on the poor options we have. I’m sure the devs have more important issues to deal with but some excellent suggestions have been made in the past on how to improve the recruitment.

We shouldn’t have to just be thrown into a big pool, both when recruiting or when searching. We need options to check:

war participation
Language preferred

There were lots of other suggestions for choices and it would be so much more efficient.

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I think the problem is too many new alliances starting up. It also bites that there is no way if the leader stops playing that others members can take over. I have heard of a few alliances that the leader has gone missing and it’s like a slow death of the alliance.

This is exactly why I joined a more casual alliance. My free time can be a bit spotty at times, and I don’t want the game to feel like an obligation, so I don’t really want to join a top-tier alliance even though I probably have the roster and skill to do so.


And that’s exactly why if players like you had the option to check a “casual” box, you wouldn’t waste your time searching for a good fitting alliance.

The training alliance thread is a good start but we still need more options.

Our alliance is one such alliance. We’ve had little members for the longest time til lately we’ve reached 17 members who nothing more than to b part of an alliance that is laid back with no obligations. We chat on occasion n if cant hit or miss more than 3 titans we warn our members. We ask nothing more. I don’t think there is another alliance as laid back as ours. It’s because we are the way we are that every time i come on this forum n the first thing i notice is this alliance or that alliance, come join us! B part of a top tier team etc… Some do want that, some dont. We need members to take down titans but dont care if you cant or are busy or on vacation etc… Those that have stayed with us is because they want the relaxed feel but being in a family alliance with no pressure. And honestly, all have always pitched in n helped or said something if they couldn’t. I wouldn’t change my alliance for any other. Our alliance with having little luck with getting new members is probably the reason I’ve been noticing so many other alliances looking for new blood. We r hitting between 5* to 7* titans. Some we kill, some get away. N we are ok with that. Honestly the loot come great sometimes n comes really crappy at others. Wish we had more members but I cant ask anyone to join a laid back alliance cause most members who join our alliance end up leaving after 1 titan fight lol. I dont think they like how relaxed we are.

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Honestly… maybe look to merge. I know there are other casual alliances like that for sure

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