Is the $99 package discontinued

Has the $99 sale package been discontinued?

There is such a thing?
Do you have a screenshot?

It exists. I have seen it posted here. I have never had it offered to me, presumably since I’m not that heavy of a spender. But I’ve seen deals posted.

Found one.


Thank you @littleKAF and please feel free to keep yourself busy on the many other forum threads :smile:.


Best I can tell the combo with $99.99 USD, 2x $24.99 USD, and 3x $4.99 USD (or around that amount) gem plus mats plus misc offers still shows up monthly, and has been for quite a few months running.

I recall that last month or one prior.

I do apologize members. I’m sure you recognize disc has been abbreviated for discontinued, but for those who doesn’t…What it should have read: Has the $99 package been discontinued?

Now to our point. Yes, there is a 99 dollar package. I have several 5* heroes that have spent MONTHS standing at 3/70 (the number grows as I wait.). The downside of this is I’m getting the stuffing kicked out of me from every 4/5* player that has a midnight craving. It is shrinking my trophy score by the hundreds. I have literally gone from 23… to, so far today, 21… somewhere around that ballpark. THIS IS JUST TODAY’S DAMAGE. it happens over and over again and I’m helpless.

So I’ve been looking for the 99 dollar pkg to purchase the Mysterious Tonic serums, etc. I need to move at least one of my heroes to the level I need to be to protect myself.

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wow!!! where did you get that?! that’s what I am looking for.

When you get to regular status, you can edit titles and recatagorise. There you go. :blush:

I did not get that offer. I never have. It’s copied from someone else’s post here. I don’t know if they still do it or who gets it. What I think is that it gets offered based on spending so higher spenders get it.

That said, they occasionally do tiered packages. Like here are 3 available at $4.99, 2 at $19.99, and 1 at $99.99. i have seen those and think they go to everyone. They’re probably quarterly if I had to guess but have no stats on that.

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I thought the OP could edit their thread title regardless of stays?

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I edited it for him :grin:


You’re probably right. I didn’t realize I was replying to the OP. :man_facepalming:


Sorry that wasn’t my preference littleKAF, but thank you. Looks like you may be able to help with another question. i.e, RE: Raids. My cup score no longer, adequately reflects my Team Score. Should I temporarily realign my team with 3/4* heroes to attract equal/lower level predators?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by your cup score not reflecting your team score. I think you are stating you feel you should have more cups given how strong your team is.

Some people do intentionally put a weaker defense out there such that they have easier raids. This is termed as cup dropping. Personally, I’m not a fan as I like to challenge myself and see how high I can go - winning easy battles seems a little repetitious to me.

One thing that may be a good idea is to seek advice on your team. Maybe there is a better combination of heroes to use. I wouldn’t recommend doing that I. This thread, as it’s somewhat off topic and won’t get hits, but there are many that like to give roster help. Like who to level. What is my strongest defense. Etc. that may be a good place to start. Good luck.

Thank you. Yes, I did mean Trophy Score. You’ve been helpful.

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@Watergiver1. This appeared today.

However, I want to note that I’d never encourage someone to purchase just because. Some are in a financial situation where they can afford it and want to. In that case, have at it and enjoy yourself. Others would be stretched for a purchase like this. Be wise - only you know your financial situation.

As for me, I’ll likely get something on the lower tiers. Don’t know what yet. I won’t buy the upper $99 tier. That is just too much for me in a single lump sum transaction. However, I know some that but all of these saying it’s the best deal in the game.

Play your game your way and have fun!

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@Watergiver1, I’m in EXACTLY the same position as you. Although some night I gain cups, more often than not I’ve been raided 10-15 times on average and am down 100-150ish.

I also currently have several 5* projects that I need AM’s for…but am loathe to pay for them, but I’m going to guess I will cave in because I’m WEAK

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I just had the $99.99 package offered on my screen, tonic and a telescope included. Very tempting considering I have 3x green 5’s stuck at 3-70. With the deal calendar coming up for the Halloween event, you may have better opportunities to purchase those mats later this month. I would rather jump on 3 deals @ $29.99 for tonics rather than just one for $100.

Edit: that said, it’s pretty lame that mats are so rare that they have to be purchased. The game would be much more fun if you could more easily level the super rare heroes that you were lucky enough to pull. Rant over.

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Got it . Thank you for the heads up. I took advantage of the middle offer. I didn’t purchase the $99 offer, only because it wasn’t offering the Ascension Item I needed. i.e., Mystery Tonic.

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