Is that normal when Gefjon take 11xx damage on Magni

I just have a Raid with a team have Gefjon just 3/70 (max skill), other hero is Skadi, Gullinbursti, Proteus, Lianna so they dont have any hero + attack or - defense. But their Gefjon can kill my Magni max level +1 with just 1 hit (11xx damage), so, what if Gefjon max level and emblem? 2xxx damage?

Gefjon does do a lot of damage. Maybe Gullinbursti was activated doesn’t he give a substantial attack boost?

Gullinbursti just can buff attach for himself not for other. So, I don’t thing Gefjon had buff in this case.
Besides, I know Gefjon do a lot of damage but she just 3/70 how can she strong too much

Makes sense to me ,
Magni is a glass canon if not emblemed and does not have special defence on.
Magni has very low defence so any hits from a defender will be larger than normal

Yeah forgot about that Magni has 591 Def no wonder why he dies easily without emblems.

But Gefjon doesnt max yet and red vs blue in this case

Element strength or weakness on specials makes no difference unless specifically stated

Gefjon is a killer, with a high attack stat, with 20% buff for defending, against Magni who has 4* defense. This is just one of those things that happens


If you have the attack and defence stats of Gefjon and Magni (respectively) inclusive of troop bonuses I can run the maths.

It’s likely a combination of:

  • High attk : def ratio
  • High theta value in damage calc
  • Added bonus for defence team (silent +20% attack)

I guess a gefjon+20 will hit about 1400 to 1500 on a magni+1.

Still, because it wasnt mentionned: possibly your pvp fight went in overtime and all attack was buffed.
It happens quite often, because people are fully focused in the board and oversee that there is already a +40% attack buff running

The defending team gets a 20% attack bonus. Defending heroes always do more damage than attacking heroes.

No. Those damage you mentionend is already maximum I guess.

For special attacks there is no color bonus.

I think it won’t reach 2000. Here’s an 18 node Gefjon hitting my 17 node Elena with a def of 685 + troop’s 16% = 794. Neither side has any attack or def buffs.
Damage taken was 1215hp. If only her riposte was up :smiley:

I agree that it’s probably around 1500 against a 600 def. Only costumed Sartana has equivalent damage % I believe

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Similarly to non-costumed Magni, Gefjon has incredibly high attack stat at the cost of her survivability. But her % dmg dealt is even higher. When using Gefjon offensively, it is not rare for me to see hits over 1000 (she’s at +18 but takes the weak troop), and that is against fully emblemmed defenses. With the buff on defense 1200 on heroes with weak defenses should be normal.

Now one thing I don’t understand is OP claiming this was 3.70 Gefjon. Snipers at this level are losing their effectiveness like no other hero types. She should have about 200 - maybe even 250 attack stat less than her max+emblem version, which would be enough to cut her dmg dealt in half. Not really sure what happaned there, without a video or screenshot it’s really just wildguesses. But I can guarantee you won’t see Gefjon hitting for 2k unless in very specific circumstances with the right buffs/debuffs in place.

I forget to screenshot Gefjon at 3.70. But I found some where:

Gefjon stat 3.70:
Attack: 649
Defense: 644
HP: 1058

Magni Def: 591

And based on this formula sheets by @Argon.

Assuming we do not include both troop attack and defense percent.

So it is in range 649 - 1,275. Not sure with highest damage column though that rediculous 2,504.
Do not understand clearly how it work in that sheets, but it’s formula is based on Damage Calculation.


I calculate special damage based on normal damage and formula for normal damage is:

=100*(EXP(IFS(I2=“Lowest”, -0.5, I2=“Midpoint”, 0, I2=“Highest”, 0.5))*$B9/$D9)^1.35

So for highest possible: 100 * (EXP(0.5) * ATT/DEF) ^ 1.35

Yeah and it gives some weirdly high numbers, so I might have some mistakes in there.

Edit: I think I found the issue. I will have it sorted out :slightly_smiling_face:


So it was silly bracket placement mistake :man_facepalming: It should be like this:


That’s a classy looking defence right there

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Hah, pondered whether to crop out your name in the screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe, you can supply the attack stat for Gefjon and troop for that damage calculator

Stats as requested



Thank you @Argon for the correction formula in sheets, handy for use in future .

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Well, I’m still not sure it’s been corrected. Previous numbers looked better, at least those without any delta involved. I’ll have to make some tests first to get real numbers.