Is tc20 obsolete with ha10

Finally got ha to 10. Got 10 days left on tc20. Side note. Tc20 has given me about 8 5s, but no 5s I would say in the past 5 or 6 months. Should I let my tc20 run out and run 3 tc11 campus now.

Feel like with hà10 giving me a 5s every 7 days, tc20 seems pointless more. What you guys think of have you done the same? Sorry if this is a duplicate on the topic.

I think that if you have the fuel (duplicate or non desirable heroes) HA is better. Otherwise tc 20 is a source of new heroes/fuel for HA


Right now I’m sitting on 9 dupes. Got to figure ha10 is going to pump out some dupes too.

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Sure it will do. Thats the good thing. Those 9 duplicates are 9 desirables heros. So if you are looking new heroes you can use HA and use that training camp only for storing food for example.
Anyways i think it will take so long time depending on what are you expect to get from HA

The 4 s1 heros I’m missing and would really like are magni, vivica, marjana, and Leonidas. Wouldnt mind richard either, but those 4 I would really like, especially magni and vivica. Still looking for a 5s healer. Not my first choice in a 5s healer, but she would do.

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I also use TC20 as a food storage. I guess you could use HA for that as well but I’m not sure how that works as I havent build up HA yet.

If you were to do away with TC20, what would you do with the TC? You probably don’t have enough backpacks to run another TC2 constantly so you would probably just have another TC11?

Ha3 pumps out 2s heros every minute. If anything, I would just have 3 tc11 and 1tc camp of whatever color I’m upgrading.

I have 2 TC2 running for a month until the next Atlantis Rising. My other one is churning heroes on TC11 function. My last one is working on TC20 function for storing food, and if it resulted to Elena, Isarnia or Quintus, they would be bonus as those are the ones I lack to complete my S1 heroes. I need to store food for later use, either for improving troops to a higher level, for research current and future building functions, etc.

My HA is working on HA6 for 3* feeder troops and for storing iron for future building upgrade or leveling. HA10 for retraining dupe legendaries as I still refuse to feed them to my other better legendaries. I am still hoping SG fixes or improves Hero Academy though by reducing the training time, lowering cost of building, research and training/retraining, and by allowing players to use not 2 max functions but at least 3, similar to how Alchemy Lab works nowadays.

Personally I kept one of my TC20s running just so I can store food. So for my purposes it’s not obsolete.

The other TCs are:

  • one was converted to HA and it’s running HA4 right now (uncommon troops) to store iron
  • the other is running TC11
  • the last one bounces between TC2 and TC11 depending on how lazy I get with farming backpacks

In that case I would probably only run HA10. Nowadays I don’t see a point in running TC20 for storing food. It’s rather a waste of food. Food can be easily stored in the AL instead.


CT20 became really obsolete… it has to start giving other heroes

I kinda thought it become a bit obsolete when the costume chamber came out. Sure the percentage of getting a 5* is better in Tc20 if you got a azlar from tc20, majorty of people would probably say maybe take to 3/70 dunno if he worth rings but if you lucky to get his costume yeah his def worth it. Kinda like that with a lot of hero’s.
Tc20 is good for a while or new players or store food but as pointed other ways to save food.
I’d turn it into a tc11 and leave it and once you do get something good from HA you have a load of feeders ready to level a hero.

No for 2 reasons:

  1. If you are newish/bad luck and have no S1 5*
  2. To keep getting HA10 fodder


Guaranteed rare ( RT12 ) is probably better with your roster.

Probably a good call.


It took SGG 2 years to give us Hero Academy.

But they insist they want 5* duplicates to be useful ( and only 5* duplicates ).

As far as I know, Legendary training ( RT20, merciless RNG, 5% chance per 2 days ) is still the best source of duplicate 5* heroes for most players who do not get 1x 5* per month ( 30 days ) from spending.


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Guaranteed rare

Duplicates 5* heroes - Hero Academy

Duplicates 5* heroes - Future

As far as I can tell this ONLY applies to duplicate 5* heroes.

Duplicate Limited time 3* / 4* heroes will never be useful for retraining / trade.

Lots of cool game play made impractical by micro transactions/ 5* HOTM/ 4* ascension item business model.


I am F2P. But I have almost all of the classic 5*s already. The only relevant ones I’m missing are Vivica and Sartana. I don’t have Richard, Elkanen, Elena, and Azlar either, but I’m not really desiring them much either (Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?)



SG, could we have two HA please? Iron-wise and Recruits-wise, it would be sustainable to run two HA10 at once. I don’t think it’ll break the balance of the game and it would give players twice the chances for better heroes (twice the fun) without reducing training time (even tho that solution would be the best!)

Thanks. Really appreciated.

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No because if you have no 5’s you need TC20 to have a chance at getting them or getting more of them.

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