Is tarlak useful?

Pls help. My question is if tarlak useful in what way? Cause i have no green 5 star only him. N i can ascent him to 4-80 now all i want to know how to useful he is? I have delilah in 5-80 bultush 4.70 wu kong 4.70 aeron at 5-80 gm at 5-80 .

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I have not Tarlak and I face him really rarely in raids, so I can only guess how well he works, but if I had him I think I’d definitely retire wu-kong for titan’s fights

The only reason Tarlak was available second time again during Atlantis, because he is a must have hero for all top players basically hitting 12* titans. So yes, he is very-very useful, for top alliances caz’ of titan fights, for SG caz’ of income. :wink:

My tarlak is at 4.45 currently and he’s on a defense team that’s holding 2500+ cups. He’s not as useful as Alby…but just as annoying if he goes off. Wu is a one trick pony and this guy will replace Wu 9 times out of 10.

No defense hero, but definitely a beast. Use him everywhere else.

He’s basically a 5* Wu kong without the chance to miss plus gives healing, yes he’s useful. His attack stat is among the highest in the game also.

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I got Tarlak and started subbing him for Wu on blue titans once he hit 3/30. My average blue titan scores are now about double what they were pre-Tarlak, continually improving as he levels. My yellow titan scores are up too. Even with Evelyn (green Panther by repute) expected in December, I still chose to use my slowly gathered tonics to ascend Tarlak to final tier.