Is summon token a promise reward in uncommon quest 'Find Recr6 II'?

This is the 1st time i do not have the token.

I remember last February a member on level 74 ask in alliance if this quest at that time can won a token.

I remember had won the token even the quest didn’t shown there’s token to be won.

The token is there in about half of the events (seems to be quite random, sometimes the tokens come many times in a row, sometimes there is a gap for a month or two). Earlier it was not shown in a quest screen, the change that the quest shows it was done about a year ago, maybe less.


You can see in the rewards if there is or isn’t.

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Here is the old thread tracking the troop coins from the quest. Was around 50% (little bit more) after hundreds of Quests.

Now with the change that it shows if there is a coin or not, no need for this anymore, but I still think it was nice having this kind of thread as a remember from the past…


Yeah, perhaps i have really miss without notice if the token had won. Tqvm

Thx, i aware that
Just make sense in the 1st time.

I remember read this thread before but couldn’t search for it before issue this thread. Tqvm.

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