Is Sumitomo worth it?

Hello Guys , I got Sumitomo lately but i’m not sure if i level him up or not ? advise please …


I don’t really like him. He’s a Kabuki named after a tire manufacturer :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I came here to ask this exact question myself. :slight_smile:
Anyone been leveling him up and can give insight Id be greatful.


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I don’t see use for him if you have complete teams for AW. Other event red 4* are more useful. A 2nd copy of all regular 4* reds seem to be better too. I however am working on him cause I don’t have anything better to do and would like to use a different hero on my roster. Lol

And just like that, Khiona pops out of my 5th token. Sumitomo will be on hold until I “want” to level him. I find Boril more useful than this Obakan wannabe. :slight_smile:

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I have 30 war heroes. I rather feed off color my red feeders than leveling him. He looks too ■■■■■■ to me

A maxed Sumitomo is between Obakan and Elena at 3/70, only Sumitomo will survive a bit longer (better defense and HP).

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I have just got him. Whose best Sumitomo or Scarlett to level?

if his SP dealt damage to near ennemies, it would be a not so bad hero i think

average jauge and less than 700 atk… and fast jauge for scarlett , she s got a light def, but hurts and bring atk debuff, my choice is her

Yeah he od.i have sumitomo for long so now he is a few level from max…first i got thinkin ■■■ is he worth for…then i started to use him against hard missions on Atlantic…you save him until vs.strong boss with hardcore attacks.heal him(i do it Will melendor or healing bottles) than try to collect mana also you can do it mana bottles and then use enemy strenght to beat hard bosses .just keep him healty and counter attack for last.i have sartana and drake fong they are great but with my old hero sumi a complete the whole Atlantic on hard yeah,he is useful when you know where and how u can use him:)


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