Is skadi frost damage undispellable?

Just faced skadi and held lady Loki special until skadi went off. I couldn’t throw his frost or mana back at them. I read his card and didn’t see anything about not dispellable. What am I missing?

It’s working as intended, stacks can’t be dispelled. For more info , check this thread:


Stacks are a whole different dimension of things. Not only that it’s not dispellable, it can’t be removed by Guardian Gazelle either.

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It can be dispelled by war equalizer however :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks everyone. So I guess that means the counter is malosi?

No, again, stacks are not buffs. [edit - his card says stacks too. Oops!]

The counter is don’t take minions against Skaldi.


Lol darn. Still learning. Thank you :slight_smile: I want him hahah

it was my understanding that malosi blocks skadis special effects.


Thanks for the verification @freetgy yes malosi card says blocks status ailments and stacks on allies or enemies. Phew I’m glad I got him. Waiting on two darts tho haha

Whoops. I guess I didn’t read the card well enough… despite having him at +18.

The best counter is Mitsuko. She reflects his automatic attack too, slowing himself.

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