Is SG trying to run people out of the game?

I’m usually not a complainer, but this new event is anything but fun. Same goes with that stupid Ninja tower. The new heros coming out are OVERPOWERED!! Fast mana wars are ridiculous. It’s getting to the point I regret logging in because of the frustration with all the new crap. Small Giant, if your listening, (which according to your Beta testers your not) please quit screwing up my game!!! I have alot invested and vested in this game and I really don’t want you to force me to start over on another game.

Maybe learn to adapt to different strategies for different events. This slayers event is pretty easy if you unlearn the usual event strategies.


I actually felt like this event was easier, trash mobs died very fast bosses I unleashed attacks in waves to avoid rage build… used zero items cause it would just build rage.

My plan of attack was health boost and minions, stuff that will last past the rage timer. Gullinbursti in epic/legendary. Lacking 4* minion options expect buddy… 5* had telluria for minions

3* should be fun with grevelle and kvasir


Its quite easy to complete, but more difficult to compete for good ranking…,
Just dont try carpet bombing. Use a sprecial or an item and then work the tiles for two rounds, then you can use another special…

Well of course SG wont “Listen” to Beta Testers. They test and that’s it. The Beta Testers lack the one thing thats important to SG, and that is to test from the perspective of “Generating Money”. Hence the reason they wont “Listen” to them.


It’s fairly easy to get through using mono teams. I sailed through 4* with mono red and 5* with mono green.
I tried to wait as long as possible before I used hero specials or battle items
Good luck


Yeah and I never replay the levels I just want to complete it.

It was also easy with 2-1-1-1 with 2 greens


It’s not difficult, but it’s curiously even more board dependant.
Soooo many times I’ve used specials with the intention to run two turns before going to the next stage and a :poop: cascade sent me to the bosses with the rage bar not where I carefully planned it to be.
It’s also fun when they rage and the aforementioned cascade charges them all.

To just complete is very easy just like every other challenge events.

As for competing for higher ranks, keep in mind that you are competing against other players who also play with the same rules.

Ninja Tower is by far my favorite event in the game. This event is a nice try at making it so not every challenge event is a race to how many flasks and battle items do you have to score high. I don’t know how that will play out, but good try. it actually proves they are listening. They are making it so its not just the same thing over and over and over.

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Focus more on buffs instead of ailments this time round. But I can understand, for a player with a limited roster, this is particularly frustrating. Some people depend solely on Proteus to even complete these events


Why would they want to run you out of the game?

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Gotta time the ailments. It can be tricky timing special releases, if board is not cooperative.

I just got this feeling: perhaps they won’t just revert the pre-Villans challenge events back to 10 stages each difficulty. What if they want to add some new gameplay element too? :face_with_monocle:

I’m just guessing. Besides, I’ll probably be retired before something happens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like nobody read TS post before answer on it… As I can see TS not complained about event difficult - he trying to say that this new shiny heroes (with creepy cheap art) are too OP for fast mana wars and tournaments (which are already ridiculous).

The OP is a rant.

20 why bother

If a hero is only any good in the Rush environment then they are still not very good.

Rush is mostly about whether you can get 6 tiles. After that it doesn’t really matter as the opposing team is usually dead. If you can’t get the aforementioned tiles then they could have 5 Khagans and you’d lose against it.

I looked at the stats and sure, they will be strong in rush but that’s a very small part of the game. Since my alliance does well in Rush already I really don’t see the appeal in chasing these. I chucked my 5 free summons in and that’s it.

Gems will go to S4 as currently I think that’s the best portal for me.

Key word is these

Why get people to pull for one hero?$?

If you have three of them,
They won’t be slow…

New event, new mechanics and strategy adaptation is what is needed. I’m just glad they made the event only 10 levels. When they increased the other events from 10 to 15 levels they feel like a tedious slog now.

Although I agree with Ninja Tower, it’s my 2nd worst thing I don’t like. Goblin Balloon being the 1st.

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