Is Season2 ever gonna come out?!

Your attitude is very reasonable but we know a bit more than you indicated. In particular, I don’t think anyone expected to see Season 2 yet if they were listening to what SG said.

This is from @Coppersky’s excellent write up of an AMA with devs from November last year. First, it was made very clear that wars were the top priority, to the exclusion of anything else until they were running. And after that? Well…

So although Season 2 has definitely been on the list of development priorities, there has been no commitment that it would follow immediately after Alliance Wars. In fact, we have had some indication that “some things for higher level content” might come first. And wars have only been running for five weeks: I don’t think anyone could reasonably expect anything significant to have been built and rolled out since then.

So I’d be delighted if Season 2 showed up next week - and it might - but it’s also possible that other stuff will come first. Don’t panic; it’s only April.