Is Season2 ever gonna come out?!

The E&P team released the sneak peak for season 2 on mid Dec and hasn’t came out yet!
Is it ever gonna come out? I am tired of same routine in the game and mad for insanely difficult level to get ascend items.

Thia game needs to be refreshed with new contents; stories, heroes, and the new way of getting goddamn ascend items!


The Bunny event just finished, the Spring Special Offers are still going, a new monthly event starts in just a few days, and Alliance Wars are still being tweaked.

And you’re still bored and desperate for new content.


I hear you loud & clear. A lot of players who are fed up with the game are just hanging in there to see if season 2 will keep them interested & continue playing.
Some ppl just can’t fault SG even if they admit guilty as charged.
it’s April already, I’ll give it till July & you still won’t see it.
I’ll bet my left tenticle on that.


Another thought is the game took off so well it has growing pains to keep up just my 2 cents

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Do you ever see anything in a positive way?

Just asking, because you seem to take every opportunity to complain about almost everything in this game.

Ans you also seem to complain about the players that enjoy the game, and do give SGG the benefit of the doubt.

I find it pretty funny that I find myself complaining about the complainers again haha!
@Little_Infinity didnt you have a great post about this a while ago?


The Bunny event with disappointing loots, the Spring Special Offers: another way to spend money, a new monthly event starts in just a few days which I am actually looking forward, and Alliance Wars needs to be weaked a lot at this point.

And yeah, I am so bored and so are other people. We are desperate for new content. Only reason I am doing this game is cuz I spent more than 2k and E&P were so disrespectful to those who supported the game.


If you’re only playing because you’ve invested some cash, and not because you like it, then you should quit.

Cut your losses. Move on with your life. Become a happier person. Maybe take up golf?


I’m very satisfied with recent game changes. AW is far more entertaining than Season 2 can possibly be because every time is different—my heroes evolve, and I face new opponents.

I don’t know why everyone thinks Season 2 will be the savior of the game. Just how exciting was Season 1? Was the storyline riveting? Do you enjoy playing it again and again just to see whether it comes out again the same way? No. It’s just static content that we farm to feed our troops and forges. Why do you think Season 2 will be different after the first play-through?


I always enjoy new content, but I think they provide enough currently to keep me interested.


I do both. Golf is amazing, and I also love E&P I am not sure they are saying they dislike the game just that it needs improvement. Just like my golf game does.


I am also really looking forward to S2. But AW is so much fun and is the first thing that made my alliance work together. Titans dot really count IMO. So if the development of AW moved the release date of S2 back I am fine. The release notes of every new version of the game is my favorite read.

Will S2 be a game changer? I can’t see it making much of a difference in my enjoyment of the game, but I am pretty bored farming the same levels. The first time through will be fun, but after that farming will go back to norm.

But, more options seems cool. SG has been really on it for the last changes and new content. So, I am willing to be S2 will have a twist to it. Stands a chance of being way more than we expect.


Yeah your rıght Fledoble, you really gotta take a rest from complaining about the complainers.
It’s just not right man.
But on a serious note, E&P IS a really cool game. I’ve played others but I keep coming back to this one. It’s clean, smooth running & the Heroes look great. The setup… Yes, they got it right.
A game like this one needs to move with a new story. AW… great idea, but needs an oil change & new transmission & she’ll run great.
After releasing season 2, they should already have ppl working on 3 with new heros, then 4, & it will never get old. Players won’t leave. Their money will keep rollin in, customers will be happy. But it seems like they wanna flog this season till it’s stripped to the bone. By then too many seasoned players will have left for something new.
The game has my confidence & attention but I won’t back down when it comes to inconsistencies & ridiculous loot offerings for hard faught battles. Kill 5x Titans in row & receive dirt in return. that’s not motivating at all. Chest rewards need to be just that, a reward, not an insult. I think greed got the better of them.
Anyway,… sorry for the long reply.


Long replys are good! :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that even with SGGs apparent influx in revenue, they suffer from the same problem a lot of other successfull tech companies, growing pains and difficulty finding good developers and co-workers.

Anyways, I’m glad you like the game :slight_smile:

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In all fairness, it -is- taking them longer than expected to get Season 2 out, right? Given how we’ve already seen teasers in mid December, that does make one wonder how far they were with the feature at that time? I mean, seriously, did they only have the graphics done and nothing else yet or what? You’d guess that by the time you tease you’re in Alpha or at least well on your way with Alpha?

That said, AW have given me so much to do that I’m not minding the wait at all, really. Just wondering what happened. Can’t say the same of some other players in my alliance who don’t like AW as much as I do, they’re really looking forward to season 2.

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Your attitude is very reasonable but we know a bit more than you indicated. In particular, I don’t think anyone expected to see Season 2 yet if they were listening to what SG said.

This is from @Coppersky’s excellent write up of an AMA with devs from November last year. First, it was made very clear that wars were the top priority, to the exclusion of anything else until they were running. And after that? Well…

So although Season 2 has definitely been on the list of development priorities, there has been no commitment that it would follow immediately after Alliance Wars. In fact, we have had some indication that “some things for higher level content” might come first. And wars have only been running for five weeks: I don’t think anyone could reasonably expect anything significant to have been built and rolled out since then.

So I’d be delighted if Season 2 showed up next week - and it might - but it’s also possible that other stuff will come first. Don’t panic; it’s only April.


Good call and I agree with your overall conclusion. Still there’s something about the timeline: the AMA was posted 22nd of November 2017, the sneak peek was posted 22nd of December 2017. Season 2 went from “one option to come after alliance war” to being something they sneak peeked in that month of time, from the looks of it.

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Fair point. They might have made a mistake in previewing it and raising expectations if it wasn’t supposed to be released quickly, or they might have settled on it as their next priority after wars. I don’t know which of those is correct. Perhaps there’s another explanation I haven’t considered.

I totally agree with everything you said!

I think people that are pining for season 2 are assuming some other cool stuff will come with it, like farmable rare ascension mats or 6* heroes or something.

Or some great reward at season completi… oh wait never mind :stuck_out_tongue: