Is season 2 even in beta yet?

Just wondering about season 2 they had said something clear back at Christmas here it is almost July and I’ve heard nothing


There’s nothing new in beta at the moment.

Thats true nothing on beta

Petri said in peer support that the release plan for season 2 is September-ish.


Just from the sneak peeks of the silhouette from what had been released thus far (I think it was on the FB page?). I am venturing to guess it has some Asian/Oriental influences. I am wondering if it had something to do with Vivica, Li Xiu and Chao and the land they came from… Color me naïve, I just don’t think the current map as we have seen in Season 1 encompasses the entire E&P world.

It seems that season 2 would have to be wildly different than season 1. They can’t just make a new map with the same difficulty level…all the experienced players that could beat 23-11 would beat the season super easy. It’s going to have to be a whole new idea.

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There you have it. :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ll expect it beginning of next year.



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