Is Sartana the best black hero to ascend (for my needs)?



Hello! I humbly seek the advice of our best titan-slayers, quest-solvers and senior looters :smiley: .
I have gathered all the ascension items to have one 5***** black hero ascend to the last tier.
I have Sartana and Thoth-amun already, but who can know what I could get in the future (today stronghold goes to 20th) so here is the question: I have seen Sartana in the team of many players in the top chart. Is her the best hero for my needs or another 5stars black one* could suit better?
And, as some of you can ask, here are my needs, numbered from the most important.

  1. Titan killing hero
  2. efficient hero in events (of course in the ones where black is not reflected)
  3. efficient hero in rare quests
  4. good hero for defence (don’t care of trophies so defence is not that important now)
  5. efficient hero in raids (this far raids are of almost no importance for me, I just fill the chests)

(*)If you are about to suggest an hero not available with portals (like Hel or Panther) please suggest also if there is one available now that you think worthy.

Thank you in advance for your advice and opinions.


Sartana is the best one. Only better purple hero in my opinion is Hel. But that was a monthly hero 6 months ago. You can’t get her at the moment. She will be possible to get at some point according to devs, but they haven’t revealed any details. But she it will probably require plenty of money and luck to get when she does come back. I would level Sartana, and not wait for Hel.

Sartana works really well in all those situations you listed. Guardian panther would be good option too, but she is also a limited hero. Available in the guardians event. There is no info when that event comes again, might be in December, if they don’t get a new event ready… And also she needs a lot of money or luck to acquire. Or require you to win rank 1 in intermediate difficulty.


Sartana is OG waifu no laifu. lol thot is a basic HOTM