Is Santa good in defence

I tried to compsre Santa with Horghall. I think that Santa is with better stats. Horghall is ranked an A in defence. Is Santa supposed to do better?

Is Santa worth to be ascended to 3/70 or even maxed? I would team him up with Mother North. Do you think the doubled minions matter?

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He’s pretty good, basically a defense hero with those stats! But people on high levels have mostly gravemaker or other great red hero so you won’t see a lot of Santa up there. But if you don’t really mind slow heroeshe will be great on your defense team


Off topic, I will flag myself later…but this thread has the most surreal title.

Is Santa good in defence??

He’s a kindly old man who gives toys to well behaved children.

Anyway, sorry again, as you were.


He can’t say How Ho Ho anymore as some people might get the wrong idea…

He is no joke if he fires. The obvious downside is that he’s slow, but I think an even bigger downside is that Kiril, who happens to be a blue hero, completely reverts Santa’s debuff. Since he’s a 4*, many people have him, which is why I’m not really sold on Santa.


Yeah santas just worthless. When you need a cleanser to undo a massive ability its one thing. But most everyone takes a defense down and cleanser if not multiples to battle. There are just so many people who can remove santas special. Kiril, rigard, bt are all staples i keep multiples of and are people i take against santa. I use santa to dump tiles on till everyones charged. Then if one or two are dead its no big deal as i always have a third to undo santa and all the other specials. Santa just makes a win easy as do most slow tanks.

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Honestly the issue is the mana speed. They are great if they fire but you need to have luck for them to last that long. I would say santa is better than horghall though. And yes the minions are great but again the slow mana you might not see them

Yes, as we all know, slugs are dead. Fast and very fast rules the E&P world…

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