Is santa better than wilbur for titans?

I have always assumed that green titans meant using wilbur but as of recently, I have started using santa instead.

Does anybody have a view on this? If not for challenge events, I would think it a no brainer to strip wilbur of his monk blems and feed santa some blem cookies.

Sadly i dont have neither Santa or Wilbur. If i have to think why wilbur is picked over Santa is only because wilbur ability gives a huge def up and the link. I assume this rise the survavillty of a team in high titans. Just a thought.


I think the biggest thing to consider is, do your heroes need help surviving against whatever * titans you’re fighting? Santa and Wilbur both provide the same -% defense debuff. Santa has slightly higher attack. I’d say if your heroes need the help, Wilbur is superior. But if your heroes are fine, then I’d go Santa.

I don’t have Santa. But on paper, his advantage over Wilbur is that he deals minor damage, has better stats, summons minions and deals attack debuff. These last 3 skills make him and his allies survive longer. However, Wilbur gets over this due to his spirit link and defense buff to allies while dealing equal defense debuff to - 44%. Moreover, Wilbur is relatively easy to obtain as epic heroes have higher %age summoning odds and summonable every month in the Atlantis portal while Santa is elusive since seasonal legendaries have low odds and is available only every December. Wilbur also is cheap to level, ascend, max and emblem and is on average mana that can be fired in 9 tiles instead of 10 with the right troops. Santa casts his skills in 12 tiles that can be reduced to 11. That 2 tile difference may spell the difference between winning or losing.

EDIT: Against titans, the Santa’s minions take away some precious time dedicated supposedly on tile play in your favor. So, Wilbur still trumps him based on the foregoing reasoning.

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I have Wilbur and I use him on every single team when the titan is 8* or higher.

His biggest bonus is the shared damage. I’ve seen heroes such as Wu Kong being one shot by 10* or higher titans.

I have both. I used to prefer Santa due to reasons stated above. I have since swapped out Santa for Wilbur. I immediately use a large mana pot on Wilbur. It helps keep my team alive which is how I end up doing the most damage. So if you don’t use items, I’d use Santa. If you do use items I’d use Wilbur.

The question depends on a couple factors which I can’t comment on as they are personal. These factors:

  • Troops
  • Other heroes
  • Emblems
  • Attack Stats of each hero used.

So with that said, I will answer based on MY scenario using my heroes & troops.

This is the set-up:

Edit: shown is the wrong attack stat for Santa; have adjusted the # used in the damage calc below.

Plugging that into the Damage Calculation:


Note: I used the average 5* hero defence stat; titans are likely higher than this depending on what level titan you are facing.

Basically, because Wilbur & Santa both give the same defence debuff, it comes back to who has the higher attack stat as to who will give more tile damage.

A couple things to note in your comparison tho:

  • Wilbur is Average Mana Speed while Santa is Slow Mana Speed
  • Wilbur gives Damage Sharing to all allies; Santa does not.
  • Wilbur gives Defence Buff to allies; Santa does not.
  • Santa gives attack debuff to enemies, Wilbur does not.
  • Santa creates minions which slow down a Titan Fight (as they each have to individually process / slash before coming back to your turn).
  • Wilbur is a 4* hero so is cheaper to emblem than Santa is

Overall, for me, I would personally take Wilbur over Santa to a Titan Fight. Main reasons being the minions, mana speed & loss of the damage sharing/ defence buff.


interesting. thanks for the feedback all.

@Guvnor very insightful stuff.

after a lot of thought, ive decided I would just use both at the same time for a while and see how that goes. its not like I have falcon anyway…

Santa’s attack stat is 618, not 774 (and effective attack would be 742, not 928). I’m not sure if that’s just a typo or the error was also factored into the later calculation.

Oops, used his “power” number.

Changes the quantity of the damage difference but not the outcome of Santa > Wilbur in terms of damage dealt:

How is the “total attack” of 3436 for Wilbur calculated?

I’m a little bit confused regarding the calculation (or need thereof). If we are talking about at tile dmg, don’t we just compare the attack stats with troop included? Santa has 618 attack while Wilbur has 605 attack so using Santa will lead to slightly higher tile dmg. I think it is negligible since which troop is sent out from a tile match is also random right? So there is only a 1/4 chance the troop sent out from the matched tile is from Santa/Wilbur’s equipped troop (assuming 4-1 with Miki). Or maybe that’s not how tile dmg is calculated.

And I agree that Wilber will probably preferable to use on titans over Santa because the attack stat difference is negligible while Santa’s minions waste time.

Total attack = sum of all red heroes.

So the wilbur one: Wilbur + G. Falcon + C. Elena + Zimkitha = 726 + 704 +1047 + 959 = 3436

Correct, I was just showing the full thing to demonstrate how much of an impact the difference in attack stat gives.

Tile damage is the same regardless of which troop is “sent out”. The only time that the troop affects anything is if it gives the chance for Crit or Bypass (crit troop or ninja troop respectively). Otherwise, the damage done from the tile is the same if it was from hero a, hero b or whoever else.

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I have both and never use Santa. The boldtusk-Wilbur-falcon trio is amazing because they are the same speed. 1-2-3.


Thanks, makes sense!

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