Is red hood Really a Good healer?


I have red hood since the first Grimm Event. I think her foxes are very weak. She Cant heal enough all my heroes. I dont use her anymore. I am fine with aeron. What did you think about red hood


I’m not a fan of her personally, I suppose the upside is damages enemies while healing your party - although the healing is slow.


She’s a hybrid healer, and as such isn’t really as good as the Real Deals like Aeron or Vivica at healing. The foxes are a good meat shield layer, though, and her AoE attack is a nice plus.

Honestly I mostly leave her on the bench except to fight a Guinevere. RH’s highest and best use, IMO, is in the Avalon event where you’ve got a couple of minion rounds to stack up those minions. Going into a boss round against Guinevere, her mana trick will be totally gutted.


I like her, her minions have kept many of my party alive. She gets better the more you level her, so I wouldn’t look at early levels as a determiner.

She is less effective when there is a strong AOE enemy, but against mana drain enemy she really shines.

Take her into the S2 magic night stages…basically a HOT that doesn’t go away at the end of each round. Because of the mana boost on those stages you have 3 minions on an almost constant basis.