Is recruiting now against the rules?

So our leader got this message. How are you supposed to recruit for your alliance when this garbage happens? Enlighten me on the rules of this game please.

The big question would be what room did he post it in. There are people out there who will get upset and report people if you post a big ad in any room other than recruit chat.


Think she did it in global chat looking for new members to join us.

If your Alliance has good score and some strong players….there will be no need to advertise recruiting whatsoever, people will come all by them self…just my thoughts :slight_smile: I guess when you threaten people with kick, IF….triggers the presence of some hostile gameplay, it’s not what you say, but how you say it in this matter. You setup an expectation and requirments, but did you tell them what’s in it for them if they participate? :wink:

My guess is it was just the wrong room. The alliance recruitment room is a pretty liberal place. I assume she was here, not just general chat? Because this is the second half of an hilarious few posts that wouldn’t be okay in the forums. General chat is kind of cliquey. I don’t like it.


Either it’s the wrong room or she spammed it a bunch of times (against the rules).