Is raiding getting harder

or is it just me?

I am attacking same opponents in the general sense. Often 300 team-power points lower, and cups to match, but getting stopped badly.

Was 1600+ gone 10 mid 1300

Really, nothing has changed but the results.

I suspect it’s getting harder because the diamond tier isn’t considered worth the effort in terms of gain versus effort. So the teams competitive there have dropped back to platinum tier to make their life easier for food raiding, where life has gotten a lot harder for those like me who were genuinely about that level. My typical cup level has dropped by about as much as yours recently, though I haven’t yet quite been knocked back to gold overnight.

So as a result, I figure a bunch of platinum ability players have now decided to drop down to where they are now comfortable for raid chests, down into your range… and raids becoming harder keeps on flowing down the game until it hits the bottom.


Doesn’t matter what the level is the raids just plain suck and have become pointless other than to just fill a chest for minimal reward even the cups have no meaning other than a meaningless rank nothing in this game is actually PVP if the system gives the advantage to the defender

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I’m sorry that you feel that way about raids. Raids are one of the biggest sources of resources for me. Chest gives out ascension materials once in a while. Also think that the attacker always has the advantage when raiding.

Crappy boards will give crappy results but that can’t always be the case.


I do see a mix of 4/70 shooters with 3/70 healers or a 5* with a 3* like Bri or Gunnar.

Down the food chain, I guess. Hope they have full larders.

Jaypic is not far off. My last hero chest at gold gave me food, iron and one gem.

How small can you write “meh”.

It’s not just the chests that people raid for, it’s the food loot. At lower levels there’s generally more food available per raid, so it’s a lot more worthwhile to drop cups to make progression ingame easier. It’s not like it seems to make a practical difference to rare ascension item drop rates. Better odds, probably, but even double or triple a miniscule chance and the result is still pretty minuscule.


I don’t think that the advantage is to the defender… pretty much everyone I know battles cups up by beating teams only to loose a bunch of cups while off-line… the attacker has the advantage in that they get the opportunity too design a team to fight the defender…

I fight with a 3200 power team and routinely (50/50) beat teams of fully ascended 5* heroes with awesome troops… then they crush me in the revenges.

I raid primarily for food. I used to raid for trophy count but found that exceptionally frustrating. There is absolutely no rhyme nor reason to raids. I can hit a player with 400 less trophies and lower team power and get my @ss handed to me. Conversely, I go at a player with 200-300 higher trophy count and higher team power and outright destroy them. Odd.

I look for these:

Preferably -10 to -15 cups. Why should I risk more? Hit and move on. :wink:

EDIT: As you can see, I still don’t Raid much lol

Bad thing about trophies is that you usually loose after a revenge more (sometimes twice more) than you win in a raid.

I do this on revenge as I usually lose >150 cups overnight :persevere:

Funny, I typically stay roughly in a 300 cup range, moving up and down in it. I’m not looking for super easy targets (“Warning Will Robinson!) but for those with more cups than me. shrug

So do I. But It’s kind of “Sometimes you have to run really fast just to stay on the same place.”


Only if you are flipped and winning 16 and losing 45. In Rooks case she won’t lose anywhere near 45 cups unless that person cup drops significantly before revenging.

Strategy and power will only get you so far. Remember that this is a TILE MATCHING game and MUCH depends on LUCK and board layout. After all, you are fighting a BOT

It’s not just you, or me. Everyone that raids regularly knows this. It’s the tide of raiding, the waning and waxing of the moon.

Both good luck and bad luck can come in streaks, and it’s the highs and lows that we notice most. Sometimes the tile board favours you, sometimes not.

And then there’s the unconscious decision making that takes place as part of your opponent searching. It’s not totally rational, even when you think it is, because you do handpick your targets. After some painful results, you’ll naturally gravitate towards “saver” targets, and after some convincing big wins, you’ll naturally grow bolder. And so you enhance the pendulum swings.

Keep raiding, the tide is about to change.

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You should look for this target:

This was more than a month ago. I also don’t read names, I just look at the resources and the team power. Why I read the name on this raid I just don’t know. :joy:


There’s no luck, no good boards or bad boards bs or strategy anything. They make more money if you lose a lot. You spend more for a minuscule chance of getting a hero worth a ■■■■ to try to help your win chances. They designed the game for you to lose. It’s a pretty shameless money grab is all it is.

Who are those “they”. And what to do with players who win?

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