Is Raid Defense Too Hard, Too Easy, Or About Right?

There seems to be great variety of opinion on this subject. So I thought I’d do a survey and see where the forum community is at on this questions.

    1. Raid defense is too easy. I can often be teams 300+ TP above mine
    1. Raid defense is about right. Within +/-200TP of my team, I get a good fight and can often win
    1. Raid defense is too tough. I often have trouble beating teams even much lower in TP than mine

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I’d say it really depends on how far you’ve come building a roster. I remember (along with most of my alliance mates who were at the same point in game) that the first few weeks or months maxing a first rainbow team it was difficult defeating a team of same TP and you relied heavy on the board layout.

However once you have several rainbow teams maxed you get to mix and match to prioritize the tank, and it gets much easier to the point you can defeat much more “powerful” teams with just a bit of luck from the board.

I think it’s an interesting question but it will come down to how far people are in the game


What you’re saying makes perfect sense, and I tend to agree. Once my roster got strong enough to mix, match, and stack, taking down a team 300-500TP above mine became pretty routine. But we’ll see what the community has to say.

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Even though I probably made well over 1000 raids I don’t think I’ve ever faced a team with higher TP then me /cupdropperlife

Raids are fine. Aside from the occasional bad board I’ve never had issues beating teams that are close to/higher than mine.


LOL. Since I don’t chase cups, I love the cup droppers. You’re helping me farm the wanted chest. So rock on!

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