Is possible buy VIP pass or gems for other person

Is possible buy VIP pass or gems for other person. I wanna surprise someone with small gift. Ty for advice.

The only way to gift VIP is by inviting a friend to play the game, if they have never played it before. You do that through the Inbox -> Invites.

If your friend already plays the game, then there is no in-game way to do that. You could always gift them App Store / Google Play credit, but that would be out of the game.

Or you can keep an eye out for offers, the previous Valentine’s day they put an offer that let you gift gems to your alliance mates. Here’s hoping that they do something like that again.


farm an alt for them would give them vip

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A Google play gift card for android will do it too. So long as they use it for the game. Lol. I’m sure apple has something similar.

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Generally you cannot hand over any gift to another player in game…except the Valentine gifts we had once. But this was intended by devs.

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