Is Pengi worth ascending without good minion summoners?

I was lucky enough to pull this guy but I don’t have any good minion summoners, the only ones I hold are Seshat and Devana (who only summon a single minion), no one who summons for all like Frosth, Bera, Freya, etc.

As a sniper on his own, is he still worth the mats or am I better off working on my Skadi first?

I personally wouldn’t prioritize him if you do not have good minion summoners around him; he would show his potential on second hit only (14+ tiles) and that given enemies wouldn’t kill his minions first.

Unless you desparately need a blue sniper, I wouldn’t prioritize Pengi over Skadi. Better to have minion counter than minion launcher.


there are also others like Glenda / Reuben (I know ^^) / Nerfuria / Buddy / X-Mas heroes…
If you really have no other minion summoner, then I think it would be best to do Skadi first (Combo with C-Kiril is really nice to soften enemies to finish their minions)

Edit: you might wanna check this page as well:
Minion Makers - Minion Destroyers - Ideas & Feature Requests - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (


I got him and probably use him with Motega (first charge at very fast gives one minions for all allies). As I need a blue sniper (my only one until now is Fenrir), and as I’ve got a lot of druid emblems and 7 scopes, he is going to be maxed as soon as possible. Sorry Lepus, you’ll be the next (or Frosth, maybe).

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Skadi first.

Would probably do her before even if you have some minion makers for pengi.

Pengi is even without any minions still a very hard hitting sniper with good stats, but skadi just wins battles on her own against the right team. For me her mechanic beats sniper every day.
And even with minion makers pengi is a fast Aoe hero with dot, but also there skadi does nearly the same and if you kill a set of minions the dot is permanent, the enemy is slower and even without any more stones most of the time you win those battles.


Okay thanks everyone, looks like the general consensus is to focus on Skadi first. I was considering Pengi as I don’t have have any blue snipers (believe it or not don’t even have Magni), but I do have Bobo and Milena that hit hard, and Frida as my main EDD…

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