Is Onatel a viable tank for top 100?


160 replies to a question that has a simple “yes” answer…:smiley:
Only in these forums…:rofl:

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What are you guys using emblems on…attack/health or defense/health?

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Because she’s so tanky and I use her in attack often, I’ve been starting down the attack path. You still end up getting some defense nodes in there.

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Ok thanks I was leaning more towards attack & health because it pairs well with her wizard class plus more health means more heal for her elemental link. She seems to have great synergy when flanking Margaret.

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It’s the delay on effect, so assuming both heroes fired as the tank, kuchens effect is instant, he regains hp, adds resistance to yellow, causes defense down, all happen instantly.

Onatel becomes dangerous 2 turns after cast (50% mana) imo. When shes tank you can throw tiles at her without fear that she goes off, as long as you can tile her 2 or 3 turns after she fires she dies before firing again. Her damage isnt enough to be scared of her firing once.

On average you have around 6 turns to kill onatel vs 4 turns to kill kuchen before they become a pain, her delay makes her less scary, but once she does fire and passes 50% mana steal, she will obliterate the attacker.

Her best use, despite her low attack damage, is as a flank imho, or with an aegir flank if she is tanking, she needs something to get her rolling that is when she becomes devastating.