Is Onatel a viable tank for top 100?

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So far I’m unimpressed when facing her in a defensive lineup. I suspect she is better in offense, but she sits at 1-1 right now and is third in line for darts, so it will be a while until i know :slight_smile:


Hey Razor,

Can you report what flanks you have observed work best with her?

Have you visited the site?

A lot of info there


Wow. That is a lot. Thanks for sharing it. Relatively new to the forums but have been playing since the month Greg was HoTM.

Tons of info in the forum

Good place to start


I got The Queen, The Hatter, Alice & Cat. Tried again for a 2nd Queen to flank them with Aegir. $300 later not a single 5* and no Kunchen. I’ll try for him in Atlantis, but so many are quitting the game for various reasons that I’m thinking maybe it is time for me too. They keep rolling out new heroes, more events that require flags and items, but rewards are worse than ever & no adjustments have been made to meet the demands they created. I tracked 1700 chest so far, my last elemental monster chest was 119 ago and the rewards from wanted & elemental chests don’t yield 4* mats often. So after this Atlantis I’m done spending unless some things change drastically, like the ability to craft mats. Also items for use against titans & for events. Speeding up chests is money down the drain, so is summons (watched those pulls of yours for Zeline - I have same horror story) so no more VIP either since I used those gems for skipping.

Onatel is awesome in events and offensive Raids, I don’t regret levelling her one second, if I had the mats I would level all 3 for AW offence. She holds her own on defence and I did see an improvement in cups defence. I think that so many players have built depth in dark because of Guin in AW that any holy tank is vulnerable due to stacking, especially if not flanked by very fast heroes, which I don’t have.


Geneva dies much easier than Onatel and I assure you, I’m used to killing mostly yellow tanks. And Drake and Delillah too.

Good call on many players building the DaRk bench up! They certainly have and there are some extremely solid Darks to be reckoned with: Kage, Panther, Victor, Sartana in particular - Khiona and Aeron.

I faced Onatel in the TANK a couple times last night and my prior ability gained in taking her out didn’t hold up well last night - it was like she got stronger since just a week ago. Besides that I did a pull on Tanks last night as well - spot check. Onatel was the Tank on 4 Leaderboard teams in the Top-100 and 1 appearance in the Flank and another in the Wing. I know a lot of players that are happy with her and the ones I personally know have her in the Wing, Flank and Tank. So it will be interesting to see how she turns out in another 3 weeks. If she settles into a single position or continues to be more position neutral. Sometimes she’s hard, some times easy - so I guess when shes easy I better take her twice.

@4nton @Ber - I’d take on Delilah over Onatel any day. @Rigs, @CrossXcalibur (TM site had a face-lift recently - should be easier to find info with the new DIRECTORY) @Kerridoc, @Ray008, @Winters @l2ider @Starryeyedgryph @General_Confusion



I think the mid tier alliances may start seeing in an interesting use in onatel soon. But not in raids.

Think onatel wings on war D could be interesting. Clean up teams rely on ghosting to fill mana for special skills. Think onatel’s biggest mana steals would be in these kind of situations on defense. Sounds viable in my head anyways, have not faced ona on the wing yet but looking forward to seeing how it could play out.


My Onatel is still currently on the wing and she is keeping me in upper plantinum. I keep waking to MORE trophies than i went to bed! And that’s only 3/70. I’m pulling her up tonight. Give me a few weeks to max her and I’ll let you know!


She seems to be doing ok. The Guin/grave tanks get too repetitive.


If an alliance is using yellow tanks for war, then Onatel is certainly a fine option, though behind Guin and probably behind Delilah, but ahead of Drake. On advantage that Guin and Delilah have is that rhe AI can’t make a mistake about casting the special.

I meant for wing not tank which is why i said mid tier alliances who are more likely to use red or blue tanks.

My thinking is viable cleanup teams for mid tier alliances are typically 4-1 or mono, and ghosting for double the mana gain. So if onatel can cast during that time, the gains could be pretty decent and with her defense it could be annoying with the war boost if it’s heal aid or arrows


Since i upped my Onatel to 4th tier, i decided to put her on flank for our up coming war. Lets see how she does!


Please do update; I’m interested as I may soon(ish) have a similar decision to make. Are you using Onatel at all in your raid defense? If so, where and how is it going?

Flank her with nearby healing or manaspeed buffers winged by an additional healer and/or fast sniper/s and you’ll definitely go ‘cup up’…

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Yes! Onatel has been on my right wing in raid defense and i usually wake up every day with more cups than when i went to bed!
I also got into diamond by people trying to revenge me earlier today! I’ve been sitting pretty in upper plantinum for days trying to raid my way into diamond and i got there by just being raided back! It was awesome!
This has been my lineup. Although I’m trying her on the flank for war.
Decided to use Kiril, since my Magni is a bit squishy right now and it gives me some healing.
As soon as Onatel is maxed i plan on seeing what she does as a tank.
I bought the big deal they had and got my last tabard, so Panther is getting pulled up as soon as i store up enough hams. These guys are super expensive ham wise to level!


Guinevere isn’t even a viable tank for top 100… a better question is what tank will keep you above 2600 cups. I revenged 6 Guinevere tanks in a row and beat every one. Most top players will beat any defense with an average or better board.


I try and remember to do what I said I would do… So here is my update: Definitely used as a Tank when in the Top-100 or players pushing to stay on the LEADERBOARD, Then Flank (easily less that 1/2 of what I see in Tank probably less), Then Wing (rare but see it)…

The fact that these level of players are not only using her they have class leveled her -
@Olmor @IvyTheTerrible @Rigs @Kerridoc @Slickers111 @Ber @4nton @l2ider @General_Confusion

Granted anyone can beat anyone with the right boards and/or bullying up with her weak element… What you DO NOT DO is when your equally matched try and go toe to toe with ONATEL. Hit anywhere but straight on, wait till you have specials ready (which duh I guess is good advice for any Tank depends whose holding the other spots). Delilah and Vivica I’ll hit head on ALL day if someone puts them in Tank (as I think Ber mentioned)… and some people do place them there… Delilah Cumulatively still holds a High record TANK position from the past…


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