Is Onatel a viable tank for top 100?

We mostly face Holy tanks in AW. Most recent once again many Guin, Delialh, etc and 1 Onatel. That was expected because many can’t ascend her yet. I faced her only once thus far at max but got a lucky board so that tells me nothing.

Thoughts on her from members who faced her will be appreciated.

Other Considerations:

  • Defence:

If she is not a good option at tank, is she still worth ascending? Imho she may have the same problems Aegir have to a lesser extend but then I also saw a few claiming she is good at protecting trophies (Don’t have Guin).

  • Offence:

At 3/70 she is robust enough imo and can make life so much easier in events. Boss fights like the final stage of Santa’s challenge, etc. In raids she is great at controlling the board and enemy specials, the fact that she doesn’t hit hard is of little concern. I can confirm that when paired with mana controllers like Gretel, Hansel or Merlin she is queen, even against 12* titans as she keeps them from firing their special. Is this alone worth ascending her? Darts is a rare commodity!

  • Other:

Is she a waste on flank? Now that it is confirmed that Aegir will be buffed in V20 it could be a very formidable combo to face.

Talent: Wizard: 5 % chance to deal +15 extra damage per each active buff

The skill itself do not compliment her (even less for Guin) but the upgraded defensive stats makes them much tougher. Emblems will most likely be better spent on hard hitters like Hel, Sartana, Victor & Isarnia which will make choosing extremely tough. I’m sure Guin owners will upgrade her without thinking twice, so the same should apply to Onatel if you decide to use her as a tank.

Attack | Defence | Health - before & after (Defence & Health orientated tree)
618 | 815 | 1437
657 | 929 | 1617

Please don’t turn this into a Guin vs Onatel thread. Thank you


I am glad you started this thread. I am perplexed with her as well. I have one at 3/70 and did 10 raids with her. I started at 2700 cups and went up. The offence team for all of the raids was Del / Magni / Onatel / Misandra / Drake Fong (all at 80 except Onetel). I won most of the raids. But the troubling thing is that

Her existence on the team / special did not change the outcome in a single raid… granted I benefited from extra tile damage. But based on this exercise, I am not planning on giving her Darts. I am excited to see what others think.


onatels heal link and ability to pair her with mutltiple mana disripturs makes her as uniqueas they come. there are a lot purple hitters ton ake down yellow but from my experience if you do not take her down early she will make you pay. same as tanks like azlar and kashrek. Im a defensive fighter so onatel flows well with my fighting style but for offensive minded players they way want to steer to other horizons


I have 2 Onatel actually but only 1 is on Tier 3/30 and I’m afraid to use her because her low power hit. I put her in my defence team not center tank only in flank but still I loose battle in 2000 trophy. Maybe later on tier4 should be ok as a center tank

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My personal best yellow defence chart:

  1. Guinevre (of course)
  2. Delilah
  3. Justice
  4. Drake
  5. Vivica
  6. Onatel
  7. Joon/Musashi/Leonidas

My personal best yellow attacker chart

  1. Drake
  2. Joon
  3. Delilah/Vivica
  4. Leonidas/Musashi
  5. Onatel
  6. Justice
  7. Guinevre

Yes, i don’t have a great opinion for her.


I think Guin and Onatel are similar in difficulty as a tank. Her special damage is decent and the she starts firing very fast. I’ve put her in my try to avoid list which is comprised of:

  1. Guin
  2. GM
  3. Ares
  4. Onatel
  5. Santa

Note that I am not very deep in 5*, using Vivica, Zimkitha, Gravemaker, Lianna and Evelyn (3/70). Since I have no 5* black leveled, it makes attacking yellow much harder (nor blue besides Aegir for reds), so stacking black heroes probably changes how hard it would be

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Shes not even close to Guin level of a tank. Stop it. I dont think shes much of a tank at all. She takes too long to really get rolling. She needs more time, shes a better flank than front and center.


According to @Razor’s compilation, Onatel is already popular in the top 100.

  1. Guinevere
  2. Gravemaker
  3. Boss Wolf
  4. Richard
  5. Aegir
  6. Onatel

That’s pretty heady company, and suggests that @Elpis’s view is not the same as the top 100 raiders.

So, yes, Onatel is a solid tank. She’s only okay in the flank position, though–you really want her firing early and often.


New shiny plaything…it will be more telling if she is there two months from now. Also Aegir beat her…lol


I have her maxxed,

Have her on my defence for a couple days, doesn’t win me much raids

Of course my team wasn’t the best, had albi - magni-onatel - azlar - panther

Changed it up a bit now


Well to be fair, only had 4 appearances on the list, and all of those #3 - #6 only had 4 appearances as tank. Not sure why she would be listed at 6 vs 3, or any other number.

This is mostly the result of Guinevere and Gravemaker simply have such a huge portion of the tank marketshare in the top 100 that it only takes a few entries to make it to number 3 ----- which is extremely sad!

Another thing to consider is that not everyone can power level up Onatel, so her appearance there is based off of what is probably going to be one of the smallest possible population sizes in the game. Anytime in the future there will almost certainly be significantly more fully ascended Onatel in the game than there are today.

Just some food for thought! Interesting topic though.


Playing in the top 100 for a few months now I can say that there are only 2 tanks that really matter. Guin and GM.

Any tank, including those 2, is just 3 gems away from death and I will have 2-3 turns to match those gems. 50% of the time that is going to happen.

What makes them so special is the 50% of the time that doesn’t happen. Those 2 will punish me enough that I no longer have a near certain win.

Ageir and Boss Wolf can sometimes withstand 3 gems, but they are slower and have a less chance to go off.

I don’t even pay attention to tanks any more. What I do pay attention to are what I see as mistakes in the flanks and wings.

2 or more of the same color next to each other? Your mine.

Average speed or slower heroes in the wings (except for Alby or MN)? Your mine.

Zeline in the wings? Ditto.

Things like that. The game just isn’t balanced for mono teams. They tear trough all tanks.


@Kerridoc - I’m going to state you are correct.

Anyone in this thread that doesn’t understand the data, where it comes from, etc. This may not make a lot of sense. Therefore It may be advised you check out the Grading/Ranking and data collection processes involved.

Note however that in the past 2.5 weeks I have raided teams with Onatel in the Center/Tank position personally in my rises to the #1 position of the LEADERBOARD. I have done so a minimum of 50 times and not more than probably 75.

My attack team(s) when Gravemaker is the Center - I target him for sliding ‘missing element’ tiles, straight up his ■■■■! I can handle 3 of his specials firing within a raid, so long as I wrap up at about the 3.5 point.

On the other hand Onatel, her specials I limit to 2 and sometimes that can be troublesome. She is a beast!

I clearly see ONATEL moving into the #2 Center/Tank position within the next 30 days (or approximately that time-frame), taking over at least 1/2 of Gravemakers bounty for that position!

Yunan is the only hero that potentially matches her from a E&P base stats perspective (they have IDENTICAL cards) - however he is SLOW she is AVERAGE mana. She also has a larger ownership base due to TIME OF AVAILABILITY.

I have spoken to several players regarding her future use in their teams at the Center/Tank position - they are all in agreement. As well they have faced in many raids as well and agree she will become No.2 - just she isn’t as good as Guinevere.

I still maintain that Gravy is the most diverse hero in the deck, he can fill-in at the Rear, Flank and Center and does wonderful in all. It is when he is duplicated in R/L Flank or Rear positions that he becomes a real problem (in particular the later).

Hopefully this sheds some light on the subject.


(open this image in another window for a clear view of the summarized data)


@General_Confusion @Winters @LucasDaoc @Drewrobi @DoctorStrange @Hcmitchellr

@Nemessis - if you had Guin and put her in Flank, she is not even in the same class anymore - almost worthless. Given this knowledge - you know where Onatel needs to be placed.

@Elpis - following would be my ranking based on my personal experience with HOLY Centers:

  1. Guinevere (clearly) she has 35-50% in the Top 100 and likely 100% if everyone had her
  2. Onatel
  3. Drake
  4. Justice
  5. Delilah
  6. Vivica
  7. Musashi
  8. Joon
  9. Leonidas

Thank you Razor! That was a very in depth explaination and break down! I totally agree with you about guinevere. If i see her in any position other then tank i shake my head and say “why” then wipe the team with no problem…
I have Onatel half way through her final assention, just maxed santa a few days ago and im excitted to play around and see how my cups change with different tanks…


@Jerme82 you are very welcome! Congratulations on obtaining Onatel - she is definitely one of the key heroes ‘right now’! Get her full ASAP! She is going to assist you to the next ‘LEVEL’ of play that you are falling short of perhaps now. Flank her well and you will have a very very solid Front!



She’s not a defensive hero, she by far does her best work on offense

Hi @Ray008 we all have our own experiences with heroes, and I maintain that every single one of them has a niche if you can find it, even the ‘poorly’ rated ones (this took TIME to realize, and a 3/70 Legendary is much different than a 4/80 - especially with the right company).

I will share the following (so click here) with you in regards to labeling a hero defensive or offensive in general terms… I realize that each can definitely veer either way or somewhere in the middle when their specials are fired.

@Jerme82 @Rigs @Slingbow @MrsBCW @Kerridoc @Calibred @MrB @AirHawk


Howdy Razor, have followed you for awhile both on here and YouTube…
and I guess I was more referring to the Ai’s Inability to think like a human when she is on the defensive team. I personally wouldn’t use her on my defensive team but would def use her on raiding. When paired with Hel in my experience she’s a beast


Certainly @Ray008. As well my primary ‘attack’ team(s) provides me an experience of which I’m sharing that could be very different from yours, simply because of who we are using. The HOLY & DARK pairing is a VERY STRONG one in this game. And HEL has a lot to do with it sometimes! LOL - that transcends this response :smile:. Thanks for the follow my friend. I completely agree when our teams are turned over to the AI, LOGIC goes out the window! Then sometimes it’s so ILLOGICAL that it works… we will see how things turn out in a month! Perhaps a friendly wager Ray it’s a 50/50 in this moment! Good Odds…

TIP if you aren’t aware of how the AI interacts with specials, it ALWAYS fires them left to right! So set your team up in proper positions to stack etc. (you would think they could do a random # generator from 1 to N (with N being at most 5)!


@4nton - GREAT questions, observations, and experiences translated into text. I appreciate that! Hope I may have helped a bit. RaZ. Take care.


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