Is necessary change some things about the game

The game has some issues that make very uncomfortable play some times. If I expende a lot of money and heroes to growth UP the level of my heroes and in the battle with other heroes that have much more less level of power as a team power level how is possible loss the battles? So with which criteria make possible win? That’s bullshit. Why expend money to reach a good level in the game if after come a group of heroes with much less power and loss the battles? That ■■■■ of game. If I have a 2600 of group power I hope that the groups that have less than this loss. If not what sense have game if everyone more powerfull or not can win?
You agree with that?

I think youre asking why people with less team power than you are beating you in raids?
Alot depends on the team built to attack, and the luck of the board.
I have a 3300tp team that wins 80% of the raids against 3800tp+.

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The majority of players raiding use a team set up for the tank so may well run a 3/2 setup aim for the tank and then the next strongest or most annoying hero. So the odds with a good board are always in the raiders favour.

The equivalent statement is “everybody who is higher team power than me should always beat me.” Is that really what you want? A game that just compares team power and declares a winner? That seems like a really boring game to me.

Combat has both a skill element and a random element, and these allow lower team power teams to win. It’s important to do everything to can to make the most of the skill element. The random element then adds some uncertainty.


Better read this…for me this is not really an idea as it was discussed too often at Forum…

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Attackers always have the advatange.

Look at me, got a 3 798 team & I win everyday against team at 4 000, even 4 150 power.

The other side is also true. Woke up this morning & got killed by a guy who has a 3 500 team in defense (so I don’t expect really more in attack).

It’s the game, that’s all. None team is unbeatable & the attacker will always have a huge advantage. :slight_smile:


I used to have this same mindset when I was new to this game, casting more strength towards team power and might!
But with experience in the game, I have learned to utilize the following advantages :

careful section of your attacking heroes to counter the special of the defense, and using your heroes skills to your advantage technically. E.g knowing which hero to quickly take out from the defense.
and proper control of the board, even when the board sucks versus trying to charge quickly your vantage heroes.
A few technicalities, rather than TP often win battles against higher TP.

For instance, I revenged a raid against a team TP 3570 (mix of ascended 4* &5*) with a team of Wilbur, Wu, Rigard , kash and Sonya TP3200. My target was to charge Wil as soon as possible, when I fired Wil, my team had +63% def, enemies -44% Def and spirit link both sides, so I fired all tiles combinations available at the enemies, one popped off and Wu charges, the rest was history as two or three more popped off at once from tile damages.

So wining or losing is not largely dependent on TP but more on technicality.


I continue to think that the game is not made with the purpose to entertainment. Is most frustration that the people feel than entertainment. This is because the game is made only in mercenary mode. If you expend money you win if not expend money you will be frustrated. What a bullshit of game.

There are many people who enjoy this game every day and have paid little to nothing. I suspect it has a lot to do with what you expect and what entertains you. Perhaps @Brobb could give her perspective as an almost-free-to-play.


The trick is not to find a team weaker than yours.
You’d better look for raids, where you get tons of hamn and iron.
Most important is to fight teams, where you only lose a few cups and if you win, you’ll get many.
No matter if the team has much more power than yours, cause 20 to 30 % depends on the luck of tiles.
Go raiding - 5 losses 2 wins - and still got more cups than before :sunglasses:

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In your original complaint didn’t you say that players who spend less beat players who spend more???

Which is it?


Agreed. I have 5 elemental teams ranging approximately 3300 TP beating elites of 4100 TP most of the time.

The only advantage those who spend money have is the probability of increased 4/5 star heros faster and for some the purchases of added mats to ascend those heros with.
No good spending money on summons if your not going to spend it on accesion mats to speed then up.

But other than that money spent has nothing to do with winning or losing any battle within this game. As mentioned many times before TP has nothing to do with hero strength and what I also feel your not looking at is heros’s SS which can make a difference.

don’t go into raids trying to win, go in testing different teams against stronger opponents as that is not only fun but also makes you happier when you win. The more you play the better you get.

I started out thinking the same as you as I feel many others did or do as well but hey the bottom line is that this is a game that can either extremely frustrate you or you can take it with a grain of salt and just accept the outcome and have fun with it and you will be off for it.

I too go in with teams of 3300 to 3600 and win or lose against defense teams and 500 plus stronger than me and same goes for my defense which it at 3100/3200 and gets beat by weaker and stronger teams but my fun is hitting back (revenge) with even stronger teams and winning most of them.

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You can’t have best of both worlds.
If you decide not to pay for the game you know your progress will be slower than people that do spend money on items/gems.
So you will have to chose what route you take: the fast expensive one or the slow cheap one.
As long as there will be offers with asc maths being sold (for cash or or for gems) you will keep this difference. And since SGG wants to make money they will keep offering these maths to players.


Absolutely agree to @HarryDeB. Ever seen the videos where a HOTM is leveled to max instandly? This cannot be done without money.

I have spent £2.99, I play most days, I have never felt frustrated with it and I win a lot. Perhaps you’re just unlucky.

Not true: I’ve done it twice (though I’ve never made a video of it).


So @Brobb how did you manage to get so many free slots in the rooster to keep the trainer heroes? That was a point in the videos where I thought “yes. P2W”…

I queue them in training camps. I’ve got about 800 queued just now. (Doesn’t everyone do this? I thought everyone did this.)

Edit: I lied - I’ve only got about 500 queued now. Here’s one of the two TCs I have on this task:

If I train or draw another 5* in, say, mid-March, I’ll ascend them immediately.

Edit 2: Seems you were asking about training heroes, not fodder (I’m an idiot). I’ve only got about 15 training heroes and my roster has 147 slots so there is plenty of room.


:thinking: 147 slots? How did you get so many?

Buying extra roster spots is one of the best value uses of gems in the game. Early on, you get 5 extra spots for 50 gems, which is insanely cheap. Later, it costs 100 gems for 5 spots, which is still a far better spend, imho, than any summons.

Plus you get a few extra roster spots now and then as you level up.


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