Is Natalya worth the rings?

The title says it all.

I started when she was the HOTM and I had no idea what that meant.

I have 5 rings and 3 blades and she is on her way to 70 currently. She is the only 5* red I have pulled from anything.

I spend some but have cut down since the only normal heros I do not have are 5* and have a TC20 running. I mainly buy the cheap gem packs and some of the special ascension material packs when they come around.

I understand it will be a long time until I see 6 rings again.

I am sitting between 2100 and 2300 cups most days. Occaisionally seeing diamond for a brief time (10 wins in diamond).

Is she a difference maker or should I wait?

I’d say yes she is worth them. As in if you don’t have anything better I would happily give her the rings rather than waiting.

Difference maker? I’d say not really. But not that many heroes are real difference makers. She is very solid in raids and decent in titans (thanks to her decent attack) IMO.

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Thanks, well I don’t have any other 5* red as of yet. I am not one to wait as I don’t pull much anymore and tc20 is a roulette wheel.

So unless something comes up on her way to 70 she will get the rings and wear them nicely.


She’s fine. if you’re either a spender or patient I would wait. I had azlar maxed and took Nat to 80 but the. regretted having to wait for rings for Marjana and Gravemaker (and red hood is at 70 looking bummed out).

However if you’re free or cheap to play and don’t want to wait she’s fine, decently good in raids and sneakily good vs titans by cutting their mana production in half, saving both time and battle items mitigating whatever the special is.


In the beginning I spent a bit more than I do now. Always pretty C2P but not totally F2P.

I think she will get them unless something else shows up before she gets to 70 or I get the 6th ring. The ring could take a while…


Imo, she’s worth it. She has been a staple to me.
I’ll have to face the choice of leveling her or Khagan, once I get the ring

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I haven’t used her in quite some time at 60 other than wars. So was looking for opinions from people who have used her. This is good info. Thank you.

Was it a hard choice?

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I have her at 70, waiting on the ring.
She is always in my lineup.
A nice blindside DoT comes in handy :wink:

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Havent had to make that choice yet

I have to say that i am (maybe the only one it seems) that would mot ascend her. Every Fight i het into with her i beat her.

Even when i was between 1800 and 2000 i beat jerw easily.

Every other red 5 star hero was beating me, evem gormek and boldtusk, but not her.

Also the next red HotM, Zimkitha, looks like a very solid addition. Similar to Zeline but, instead of reducing foe’s attacks and removing their buffs, she increases all your team’s attack and removes their status ailments. Could be a better addition that Natalya.

I don’t particularly like Natalya because she does no up-front damage. I did bring mine up to 3/70, but then got Red Hood and Gravemaker, pushing Nat backwards in the ring queue. Maybe she’ll get them one day.


I was reading a bit about the red hotm coming. Looks intriguing. May put some thought into that when she gets to 70. Thanks.

Seems like a reversed Zeline… and very handy for raid attacks to counter both Zeline and Gravemaker! :thinking:


Yes, Zim is the mirror of Zeline. As the only fast-mana hero with cleanse, I’m sure she will be very handy. (Locke and Vivica are the only other 5* with a full-team cleanse).


Natalya is pretty good for raiding, and until I had the rings to ascend Gravemaker, was one of my regular raid team. She lacks versatility though - she’s good for that one thing, but not so wonderful for anything else.
I haven’t seen more than a few comments about the upcoming red HotM, but it sounds like saving the materials and playing wait and see on the nerfs and final stats might be in order.

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I agree, she can stay at 70 with hopes of getting the red HOTM. I have some other stuff I could level.

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But heroes can do so much more than lose raids! I don’t have a 5* at all yet but a decent HOTM ready to ascend would fit nicely in all other areas. I’d say also the rings on her :slight_smile:

I have her at 70 + waiting for 1 ring she is worthwhile can’t seem to let her go from any defense or attack but rings are hard to get and to be honest I would hate to get another red 5* and go through this again.

The next 5* red from Atlantis is Kageburado, ave speed, the more mana the enemy have the more damage they receive and dispels buffs from all enemy. New season so we get newer and better content. Otherwise why would you spend money on inferior product.

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