Is Natalya worth pulling for in December Atlantis 2019?

I, too, pulled her at the end of Atlantis. To be honest, I was less than thrilled, feeling that the game gladly gives me lesser 5*s only to be tight-fisted when it comes to rock stars like Kage, etc. But after chatting with some alliance mates I feel a bit better.

Natalya does seem to have some utility, especially when fighting some of the tough, coveted greens out there such as Alberich and that Mother, North. :grinning: And added to the fact that she IS a 5* with the accompanying stat level, I’m sure I can find a place in my red team beside Elena, Azlar, and GM. And of course, beggars can’t be choosers, and as far as this game goes, I’m most certainly the former.

Merry Christmas all and have a great day!


I pulled Natalya in December, and took her to 80+11. I’ve used her on my defense team (right wing) and very often on offense.

Not dealing direct damage is really a downside, but she makes up for it.

She fires often, and while true snipers have their damage dictated by the defenders defense stat, Natalya is consistent in the damage she deals. The extra damage to greens make them juicy targets.

With my level 13 crit troop, her DOT is 928, which nukes a green and drops a non-green down enough to take out with just a few tiles.

The mana gen reduction makes her really stand out. When I hit a hero w/ her special, I think “I’ll deal w/ you in a sec.” and don’t much have to worry about that hero.

In my opinion, she’s well worth the mats and emblems.


Mine is +10 and took the attack and health route. 679 def and 1533 health.

On offense she is great. But with the advent of heroes that removes undispellable effects, her advantage with other dot heroes was also removed. She will be rendered irrelevant by the likes of JF. Her mana gain reduction should be change to affect nearby enemies at least to make her useful in defense also.

But all in all, not regretting maxing and giving emblems to her.

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Is it just Guardian Gazelle and Snow White that do that? I can’t think of any other right now.

Yes they are right now. But i’ve read some season 3 heroes will do the same. And don’t forget those resistant to burn and gives status effect to all.

I got her in that Atlantis pull and she got benched to a red I was already working on. Now that I have her to a level where she’s useful, I think she’s great, her burn DoT doesn’t get over written by azlar or marjana if pairing with her. With a mana troop she charges fast and completely wrecks green… any hero to be honest, current burn is 211 (non green) and that’s nothing to sneeze at . and it’s only going to get higher when I max and emblem her. I use her in a 3-2 stack and I’m pretty happy with her.

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I have her at +3 and she saved me in Wars quite a few times. She is also my go-to hero against Green Titans even over Elena, because she is sturdier and slows down Titan charging considerably. She would be very useful against Final Boss Ursena, I guess, especially when paired with Wilbur, BT and Falcon. Just a warning, her special and her talent don’t stack, but I guess it does not matter much since her special does not any direct damage.

Btw she might be useful in defense in next Raid Tournament, though maybe I’ll put just 3*in defense to facilitate those Valor tasks to others.

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I have her at +15. I love her not only cause of her looks.

Her damage is over 1.000 (please read it in Vegeta voice) with mana troop, lvl 19. Now you can imagine how she attacks against Green ones!


Lol so many knowledgeable people here saying wait for JF he is going to be great etc etc who is absolutely terrible himself.
Bet you feel pretty foolish now

@Lufc11 - I am pretty sure they were referring to the pre-nerf JF (the one originally tested in the beta version). He did humongous amounts of damage. Any beta tester can vouch for that. It’s not their mistake that SGG decided to nerf JF right before release.

You’re using the statements made about practically a different hero to make these comments. Uncalled for.

I think she’s better than JF, her effects are undispellable and more painful to the enemy, JF you can just dump tiles, cleanse then dispel him

JF is better on defense, since he targets everyone. Nat needs to be manually targeted to be really effective, but then she is utterly devastating. Kinda surprised everyone complains about fighting against Telluria while Nat can handle her well.

Thread is not really relevant anymore… December Altantis has been & gone… and Natalya is no longer going to feature in Atlantis portal…

Can only get her from Tavern of Legends and Hero Academy Lvl 10 (Based on current HA Beta Build).

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