Is Natalya worth pulling for in December Atlantis 2019?

As the title says, is Natalya worth it for December Atlantis? I think her stats are decent and her skill is nice:
Her skill is DoT (which I believe I read does not get effected by defense) but of course you have to wait 4 turns to get her full damage plus it can’t be dispelled which is nice for DoT
She also has -54 mana generation is a nice feature (everyone seems to love Alasie with that stat)
Does extra damage to Nature which is always nice

I never see her in the top defense so I am wondering if she is worth it?
What do you think?


718 (349)

679 (330)

1419 (689)

Special Skill

Mana Speed

Effect 1
The target receives 752 damage over 4 turns (can’t be dispelled)

Effect 2
The target gets -54% mana generaton for 4 turns (can’t be dispelled)

Effect 3
Deals extra damage against Nature

PS, I do have good *5 heroes currently (mostly Fire heroes too, need more Ice) and Natalya wouldn’t automatically go on my team but from first look I thought she was great but like I said I rarely see her, not sure if that’s because of her skills or because she was so rare back when she was released in January 2018

Thank you!

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Hell to the yes (I don’t have her but anytime you can obtain a 5* with a base hp stat north of 1400 I’d say it’s a good thing)

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Definitely. She’s a direct answer to Alberich/mother north/heimdall and any other stupid green resurrection heroes they feel like making. She slows down their mana generation, so they’ll basically never charge. Plus she does quite a bit of damage to them, fast mana too. She’s good. Plus she’s a sorcerer which is rare. Might be a good place to put sorcerer emblems. Her defense stats are sturdy, she’s well worth rings.


As far as heroes go, she seems pretty average and I would not bother giving her rings even if I got her by an accident. I suggest waiting until February, since there is a good chance that JF will be much, much better red and you shoud have better chances of pulling him as well.


Couple threads that may be of note:

I think she is a pretty good sniper (of sorts)/ flanker. Her DoT is massive and the mana slow is really annoying. Coupled with Sorcerer Emblems which add a SECOND mana slow & she can be a real Piece of Sht to face…

If I were still pulling in Atlantis, I might consider it. Unfortunately I am overstocked on heroes and don’t need anymore so am not pulling in Atlantis or S1 anymore…


I have been a natalya user for a year now. She is great on offense, rainbow or color stacked. Not good on defense since her special needs timing and manual targeting of specific heroes. In a tournament where healing is prohibited, she is great on defense since her dot cannot be recovered by healing. So, natalya has her uses but is not a must have hero.

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Next January Atlantis should be Zeline and Kunchen, so I would wait.

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Both of her skill are good and cant be dispelled

You dont see her very much in raid defense because she is not designed for it. She is designed for offense, titans and tournaments that heal is not allowed

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I wouldn’t spend my money and gems yet. I would save them for JF in February, 1 hero as 5 Natalya :crazy_face:

P.S. And I would try to get him summoning at Avalon event. At least, this is what I will do…


Ive had 2 of her on my bench forever and I have only taken one to 60. I like how she works and I believe she is underrated, but she has so much competition. Feb HOTM for sure would steal her mats.

I want Natalya so bad, but idk if she’s worth pulling for during Atlantis esp when I don’t want/need any of the other heroes featured…

How i wish her mana control skill affects nearby enemies just like hel. She is clearly outclassed by other mana controllers.

So she is on my list of past HOTMs I’m chasing and I want her bad, (always have), but I read such mediocre info about her. Atlantis is next week, is she worth pulling for or should I just wait until January?

Her burn damage is more than Gravemaker AND can’t be dispelled (also xtra damage against nature), and -54% man gen for 4 turns ALSO undispelleble (not a fan of her being sorcerer since she already delays mana via her ss), 700+ att, 1400hp, fast mana, what’s wrong with her?

Please be brutally honest because if I pull next week it’s only for her, and if she is truly not worth it I will skip…thanks in advance.


She is worth. I will pull for her too! The ones that are saying she isnt worth is because of Jean-François who will be released in February. I am planning to pull for him too. But they are different although similar heroes. Her DOT is higher and CANT be dispelled also she -54 mana generation (I plan to use her for titans and bosses). He burns the whole team but his dot can be dispelled. I am sitting on 13 rings now and lots of sorcerers emblems. So I plan to max them both and gives Natalya plenty of emblems


@SWEG thank you so much for this–just pulled her. Sounds like she is going to be so much more effective than Sartana at dealing with Alby & Mrs. Claus!

My first ever previous HOTM from Atlantis. That only took 15-1/2 months. :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally nope. Not now.
DoT heroes without immediate damage are always a bit annoying to use on offence, and she really is not so good in defence either.

Then you have Kingston totally immune on her damage, and Grazul that can completely nullify her (though only for two turns).
0 damage, no status effects.

Balanced stats, so not a titan hero either.

You literally use her only trying to prevent Alberich/Mother North to shot, which is a really specific and niche use that can be replaced by several other heroes.


I would say she is best for Titans and decent for offence. For defense since she can’t be controlled I don’t think she would be great.
Doesn’t matter what I think, I pulled 90x for either her, Onatel, or Kage and got another Atmos and Lianna (already have Kingston so don’t find her necessary) :sob:

Did you manage to get Natalya?

Last 5 minutes of Atlantis and I pulled Nat and she’s a great addition to my reds, GM, Marj, and Mits.
Great counter to Alby and MN, so very pleased :smiley:


I actually ended up with two of her. The game seems to want me to have double HOTM’s. Two Fridas, two Natalyas, and two Grimbles on my alt account.

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