Is my defence optimal?

Hi guys, I would like to know if the positions of each hero are correct. Currently I am working on Kadilen as she is my only green 5*. After that I am gonna have a headache. I need some scopes to max Vela and then what? All in all Vela is much better than Kadilen but who knows when I will get any better green. Who in your opinion should get the druid emblems? Imo Kadilen as she is my def hero but Vela can easily improve blue stack on offense and titan and that is my 2nd best colour after yellow. Please help :slight_smile:

Hard to say if it is the most optimal defence team or not without knowing the full context of your roster.

Prelimininarily I would say that, yes positions are pretty well there…
Only change might be to
Kadilen -> Elena -> Richard -> White Rabbit -> Sabina

As richard is your best tank, I wouldn’t bother trying to slot Vela into defence team just yet… If you get a better/ different coloured tank then yeah, swap Vela in for Richard… But in the meantime, I would just stick with giving Kadilen the Emblems.

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In my honest opinion - yes you definitely have the right hero in Tank position (Richard).
But I would probably move Sabina to left flank, Elena to right flank and Kadilen to right wing


Here is my full roster:

I will follow your advice. I will stick to Richard until I pull any better tank and then give Vela all the druid emblems.


Yea so not really any other great tanking options in that roster… Vivica is servicable but Richard is much better.

This here is still my suggestion:

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Changed as you advised but can you explain the hero order? Kadilen Elena Richard White Rabbit Sabina. Is it that way because there is a balance between slow/average/fast mana heroes and slow/average should not be one next to another?

Kadilen is fast so can be out on the wing & still have a chance to fire. She’s also (currently) the weakest member of the defence team so any effort so shield her will be beneficial.

I moved White Rabbit because Yellow & Purple should ALWAYS be next to each other to make use of their natural resistance to each other… If people stack purples, they will be weak against Sabina on the same side & vice versa.

I also moved Rabbit inwards a little cause he is the slower hero of him & kadilen so should be closer to the middle so he’s more likely to charge in time.

Rabbit has a fast mana.

Ahh… thought he was average :stuck_out_tongue:

The other two points still stand tho :slight_smile:

Tbh I still like Rabbit next to Richard as sometimes he will fire even twice and punish more enemies. Thanks for your help,

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I would change Rigard with Sabina… I have them both maxed and fully emblemed, Rigard is far more superior and useful.
Compared to him, Sabina is a massive disappointment.

As @JGE said, White Rabbit-Sabina-Richard-Elena-Marjana is the best order.

White Rabbit reduces the defence of one target by -34%, he MUST be on the left side, his special would be wasted on the right.

Dispellers also need to be on the left side and Sabina is also a healer so she makes a great left flank. It’s pointless to have a healer in the corner as most heroes will be already dead by the time the healer is charged up.

Richard is your best tank, Elena should be the right flank and Kadilen can be at the wing because she’s fast.


One more question. Is the attack/def the best path for Kadilen? I can see her basic health is below average while her def is pretty ok.

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