Is “Muggy”'s skill stuck?

I’m not 100% sure if I’m putting this under the correct category, but, I think I am (ok, hoping I am :joy:)
So I have been pounding Muggy to get him leveled & he’s almost at max level yet his special skills haven’t moved from 4/8 in some time now. I always put 9-10 hero’s/trainers into him & idk how to tell if he is stuck & if so, is there a fix? I feel like I’m wasting time & heros/trainers trying to upgrade him :woman_facepalming:t2:
Any thoughts, suggestions, help? Please? Thank you!

Only use green 1* feeders for leveling up.
A bit more slow but better chance to have to most options to get his special up.


This is a lot of the problem, as 3* heroes are prone to not maxing their specials, and that’s exacerbated by leveling them up quickly relative to the chance for a special skill level. Trainer Heroes have the worst ratio for that of any possible source of XP, so they make it considerably more likely you won’t max the special skill.

The good news is that once he’s at 3-50, a single duplicate, 5x 2* green, 10x 1* green, or any equivalent combo of 2*/1* green will be a 100% chance to level his special skill up.

So he’s likely to stay at 4/8 until you get him to max, but you can fix it after that easily, it’ll just take a bunch of feeders.


Thank you @zephyr1 & @HarryDeB
I’ll try it but I had this same issue with another hero when I first started & it never got fixed so I wound up having to get rid of it. Hoping your suggestions work as I really like this hero.

That’s easy to fix as Zephyr already said but beware RNGesus. My Muggy was at 6/8 when he reached max level. I thought feeding him 8 green 1* was enough to level him up to 7/8 but no… The lil bastard laughed at me and stayed at the same level :angry:


You can increase the special after the hero reaches 3/50. In fact, the feeder heroes give 5x as much probability of increasing the special once the hero is at max level.


It’s much easier to fix stuck Special Skills than it was before Version 18 was released in January, since the Special Skill increase percentages are bumped up by 5x after a Hero is maxed now.

So definitely don’t get rid of a hero whose special skill isn’t maxed! It’s easy to fix. :slight_smile:


And this was a massively great decision by SGG. If we are going to give them heck over bad decisions (* cough * Alchemy Lab * cough * cough), then we ought to let them know when they get it right. And this was one they definitely got right.


Indeed . A major plus for especially 3* heroes .

@zephyr1 is correct. It will work. So don’t worry if he seems stuck now. In the end you can get him maxed :yum:



@SirGorash so are you still trying to level him or have you succeeded?

One other member has the same issue with Muggy, in my alliance, the 1* trick worked! Their Muggy is fully upgraded & 8/8 now so it does work :wink:

I decided taking risks wasn’t worthy so I fed Muggy with ten 1* heroes. He’s at 8/8 now :wink:


If our priority is skill hero *3 to 3.50 and hero *4 to 3.60.
My opinion feed using *1 on-color 10x at a time. But still if the hero is stuburn, feed by *1 on-color 1-5 at a time.

And this is not a bugs.

EDIT, a little notes: I have try my Falcon and Sabina and Jackal, using *1 on color 1-5 at a time, and the result both skill maxed (8/8) at tier 2.
Jack O’Harre and Triton both still at 6/8 (currently still at tier 2).

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@jinbatsu before the hero hits max level:

The mathematical expectation for how many feeders you’ll need for 1-at-a-time feeding and 10-at-a-time feeding is exactly the same.

1-at-a-time feeding has a chance for multiple successes across 10 feedings, but is also more likely to produce 0 successes in 10 feedings. The average number of successes is the same as 10-at-a-time.

So if you’re willing to take a chance on leveling the special faster in exchange for the risk that it might level slower, do 1-at-a-time feeding. If you want the most reliable rate of increasing the special, do 10-at-a-time feeding.


@Garanwyn, OK but I do not want try the risk again, because I was usually using 10x at a time, but the result Scarlett at 5/8, Wilbur at 4/8, only Boril is succed 8/8. But I know a little amount of heroes I have try, it does not count to the conclution. I agree it is the same either 10x or 1-5x at a time.

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Whatever works for you :slight_smile:

I just wanted to make sure you knew that either option would be ok (you weren’t hurting your chances no matter what you chose to do).


I am doing 1* X5 & have already gone from 4/8 to 5/8 so it does work, just a slower process.
Thank you all, again, for the help :blush:

Side note: @jinbatsu if you read my original post, I stated I wasn’t sure if this was a bug or not but thanks!


Yay! I’m glad the special has started moving for you again. It’s really scary and frustrating when it seems stuck.

You’re sooo not joking :joy: I started freaking out thinking “Noooo!! Muggys awesome for a 3* & I can’t have another hero stuck” :woman_facepalming:t2::joy::rofl::joy:

Progress is good! Thank you again. Happy gaming! :blush:


Hello everyone,
Fine weather we’re having.:stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously 3s seem to always fall short on the special.
s in my case reach max specal in the 3 asc.
I have Frida, she has her special maxed since just after her second asc. She is currently only a 2/52 special 8/8.
Go figure.
Have fun.

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You don’t need to get rid of heroes. Once they max level, giving them more feeders has an increased chance of gaining levels.


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