Is Morlovia delayed?

I have been waiting to see it today earlier but nothing happen. does It usually show later in the day? I have read that Morlovia was scheduled for today.

Yes I read that too in the forum so was expecting it to fall in sometime today. People in my alliance are waiting for the mats.
Let’s ask @Petri … is Morlovia due today please?

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Rare quests appears every 7-10 days so it could be delayed yes …

Rare Quests are generated randomly, so all exact schedule estimations are purely speculative.


Thanks @Petri for answering. So lets wait a little more :smile:


Did someone get quest Morlovia? I did not get it.

Iya maksudnya gimana ya

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Rare quests are randomized. Everyone will get them at the same time, but no one (not even the well-meaning people who make the calendars) knows precisely when. They can be as late as a couple days from what the calendar predicts.


I was hoping for it today too, I think it will be here in 11hrs when the Quests change again.
I hope it is, and not here Wednesday with the Trials… lets try time it nicely for us for once hey SGG :stuck_out_tongue:

So. They are randomized. Interesting. If they are, then how you guys make the calendars?

It is approximately done, look at bottom of the calendar. Events are 10 day’s apart as @Novo makes it but they are random up to 13 day’s apart.


Have they always been within this range? I could’ve sworn a year ago the rare quests would appear every 7 to 10 days. Wouldn’t put it past SG though to tinker with this “randomness” to slow down even more how often 4* mats can actually be earned.

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My guess is Wednesday / Thursday just before Valhalla

Not 100% sure. Petri replayed to one post today.

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Its live now :smile:.


Yep, Morlovia has been up for a couple of hours or more now.

Edit: 4 hours now to be more precise


Finally! I dont know why but Tabards have been so scarce for me! now Ursena is ready :smile:


The calendar’s always let you know at the bottom that the date for the rare quests can vary a few days from the day it is estimated to be on

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Easy even with classic heroes.

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You mean easy with 3 healers?

I feel like Morlovia’s final bosses got buffed somewhere since last Morlovia. I can’t recall a JF+7 ever being nearly one-shot by a Vampire Lord with over 1200 damage in a single hit.


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