Is Mok-Arr really THAT bad/Ascension Advice

RNG has blessed me with tabbards. In addition to heroes shown I also have ursena maxxed.

I have enough to max another purple. The options are mok are, Domitia, and quintus.

I am ONLY concerned with war team depth. I’ve been using ursena on my Atlantis team, so the attached picture is the mono purple without ursena. While I am not married to the idea of only running mono, it is what I’ve become accustomed to.

So assuming I am looking for a hero to slot into my mono team, who should I max? My alliance mates are adamant that mok arr is not a good hero. While that is true in general, I’ve enjoyed him on my mono. When you place him next to khiona buff he does considerable damage. Add in kunchen debuff and it’s lights out. The team has good synergy.

I highly doubt I would max quintus, so basically I’ve got it down to Domitia and mok arr. the debuff would be nice from Domitia, but the damage output from mok arr is considerable.

So in a mono, is mok are really that bad? Mok arr still does more damage at average speed (against non purple of course) than quintus at slow. I have enough purples that mok arr niche really seems to be exactly what I need.

Anyway sorry for the wordy post. Any help is appreciated. TIA :wink:



I would max domitia over mok arr

Mok arr from what i hear isnt terrible but pretty niche and so far the only people i hear say anything good about him also have like 40 maxed 5s or more, so for the few situations they like him in it was worth maxing for them.

For those still building up 30 5s for wars and titans, i would go with someone more versatile aka domitia


Sharky is great if you run purple mono. I run mono exclusively and must be among just a handful of players who have actively pulled for the Nasty Tuna - so far, unsuccessfully. He’d never see my Defence, but he’d get a spot on my mono A purple team right away.

Dom is a mid-low grade purple 5star. Low is probably most accurate. She’s meh, but not terrible, and flexible enough to be a solid Meh where every you put her.

Mok is more niche, but that Niche thing he does… he does awesome.

I like awesome over meh.

And with all the Guin tanks still around, I think mono Purple for war and mono Purple for raiding are two of the more critical areas of the game.

And in a year when you have 3 more purple heros leveled, and Dom is riding the pines in wars and raids, SharkyTeamSpank will likely still be on your starting purple raiding squad.

So I’m inclined to lean toward the awesome 2-use dude, vs. the meh all rounder.


^ This is the general rule of thumb on Mok-Arr

However you stated this is exclusively for your war team and mono dark team on top of that. It really seems like you just want us to give you a reason to go with Mok-Arr and in those specific niche scenarios yes I would ascend Mok-Arr.

But due to the scarcity of 4* AM and long-term viability in other scenarios as well I would stick to Rigs’ advice and ascend Domitia.

P.S. I consider AM blessed when I have enough to ascend multiple heroes (that way I can level one and have some on hand to potentially level a future hero)…so I am not sure you have as much as you think.

Mok-Arr is a lot of fun. I actually run him 3-2 raiding often and he makes a big splash with Kunchen as you mentioned.

He works well With Wilbur too.

I like him and I would advise to ascend him. There are a couple threads I have vids and more info about my use of him. I don’t run any mono and have never had him wipe out any of my team.

He’s really not that bad…

PS. I leveled Mok-Arr over Sartana and do not regret it one bit.

this thread…Mok-arr needs to be rethought - #218 by King_Nothing


Lol void you’re kind of right. I was kind of hoping to validate going against common wisdom/what my alliance was saying. And I guess I should say “relatively blessed”. I have gotten wayyyyy more tabbards than any other 4 star mat. Sitting on my tabbards is of course an option. I may do that and hang tight a little bit.

Thanks for responding. I have 13 maxxed 5 stars so defintely still at the stage where I need to be focusing on utility over niche

Some others bring up some valid points, i was probly too biased in my original thoughts as Mok-Arr wouldnt fit my style and i dont have enough 5* dispellers to justify leaving one on the bench for Mok-Arr

Probly good idea to see some more feedback, watch some of @King_Nothing 's vids and just see how ya feel about it

Advice is to be heard, but doesn’t always have to be taken. At the end of the day it’s your heroes, your time, your money, your enjoyment. If you like the hero, max the dam hero lol but yea i would listen to as many people as you can about the hero if there is uncertainty


Was gonna tag yah! Haha!

I’d like a mok-ar sure he gets a bad rap because he damages his mates n does f all against dark. Don’t see the problem my self! Sure is a niche hero! Quite a lot are! Synergy with lagoon family works well with him, but see other people say need other heros to make him better!? Would like to see a ammennoa panther cat mokar ammennoa against a yelllow titan! All specials hit! Purple tiles on the board damage be insane!


Ahh I pulled so hard for the panther but she eludes me :joy: do have ameonna and cheschire though. That would be a gnarly titan team!!

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I would go mok arr just because. Different mechanics. Domitia to me is the definition of “just ok”.

With that said, I may be doing a second for lack of purples to level.

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This has been super helpful. Thanks everyone. Might have to just go for the “do what makes you happy” approach and max that terrible tuna!


it’ll add some fun.

Something different that is why I did it.

I am in a similar situation with 5*. I have 16 maxed including Mok (5 purple)

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Use what you got to get ahead! Holding back sometimes can be a downfall! Sure mats can be hard to get! But will come around again!

I am holding off on mok for the moment. He seems ideal for stacking dark whether 3,4 or 5. My only reason for waiting is this month’s HotM.

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