Is Merlin's special (2 turns insane attack) special?

Or to put it otherwise… i like the special and it has saved me several times. Is there another hero that has this attack that foe fires at team mate? :smiley:

There are no other heroes with “mindless attack” like Merlin, he’s special in that regard.
But other similar heroes like Hansel, Gretel, and Cabin Boy Peters have a similar effects of manipulating the enemy specials. All very strong raiding candidates in the 4* category :grin:


For me, the fact that he drains an enemies mana from full to 0 is good enough

The mindless attack is a bonus


I just pulled 3 Merlins…smh lol

I just got Merlin but am still leveling Proteus (3.something). How is Merlin vs Proteus? Is he worth leveling to max even with Proteus (and I have Hansel)?

Mok-arr also attacks non-purple teammates (guaranteed), right?

Different but also very good. Proteus locks 3 targets down. Merlin is just one target. And careful tile management let’s you work around Merlin. Not so for Proteus.



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I got both maxxed so from my personal experience protues is a lot better for raids but I like Merlin more for titans to basically have the Titan waste it’s special

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I have both (and Hansel) and like Proteus best, followed by Hansel, then Merlin. But Merlin is still awesome and worth maxing for sure.

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Awesome, thanks you guys!

Hansel just got maxed, so it’s Proteus (raids) and Merlin next!

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