Is Mercs still a thing for rare titans?

“Gryphon’s misfortune” just had a rare titan hit.

I’m not sure if we can take it by ourselves. The problem is, did they take away all incentives to mercs to come and help? I know last time mercs could at least get emblems.

@zephyr1 do you know?

We would love to get help if possible! It’s still early. 8 took this screen shot right before creating this post.

This post from last week seems to confirm that it was indeed formerly possible for Mercs to get bonus loot, and that it was unintended, and that it’s fixed:

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So basically, mercs will just be doing it out of the kindness of their hearts if an alliance needs help taking one down now?

More accurately, their motivations for a Rare Titan and a Regular Titan are essentially the same now — though Rare Titans give loot tiers equivalent to one stat higher than their rating.

So whatever motivated people to merc before for Regular Titans will presumably continue to motivate them to merc for all Titans.

And anyone who was mercing solely to make use of the bug to get extra loot from Rare Titans will presumably be less interested or stop.

@Starryeyedgryph How far off from killing it do you think you’ll be? How much extra damage do you need?


We use merc’s for rare titans sometimes. There are a few line groups that do it. I can try and find out for you, as I’m not the one in the group. One thing to consider is to always have space in the alliance in case you need a merc. So it kind of becomes an issue if you’d rather be full and take out titans as a group or use aid from mercs when needed. Not everyone has a ton of flasks sitting pretty.

Stand by…Pirates incoming… :pirate_flag:

I’m not sure. I still personally have 4 flasks left. Plus 5 natural flags till it escapes.

I guess we are making pretty good work on it so far. Not sure how tapped out of flasks my team mates are. My hits have only been good for between 20-30k. This vlock against status ailments is definitely a learning experience!

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The rooster can be a jerkface. Ask @Rigs, I’m sure he has the hook up.

I think this one will be good now. :skull_and_crossbones::crossed_swords::pirate_flag:

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Thank you and your band of pirates so much!!! I wish i could pass out the rum shots for real!

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Anyone get the tonic?

There is still 33k left on the titan. I’m thinking of popping another flask to finish him off

You have 12 hours left? Relax, your alliance mates will get flags by then. And, hopefully everyone has hit by now…no one wants a C.

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What @Hrairoo said, plenty of time, plus you don’t want to accelerate getting a 6* that you might have to pass on. :slight_smile:


I did pop one flask that i guess i didn’t need to. He will be dead soon. I just get impatient sometimes. Lol

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Insert inappropriate joke here. LOL. Anyway, yes it is sometimes so easy to want to just finish one off. But, you have to remember that this is a team effort, and 12 hours is a long time. Everyone will get 2 flags. Besides, you want to be able to regenerate enough flaggage (I made up this word) to be able to take the next Titan…as it will be stronger.


One of my team mates came on and finished him off. :slight_smile:

No tonic for me though. And yes, with 12 hours left we were good. But now we will all have flaggage for the next guy!


But rings!!! :ring::ring::ring:


I love jewelry! And diamonds…but that is a different conversation. Tactics…blah blah blah.

Nice work!