Is marie theresa worthy of ascension?

I have her at 3/70 andvhave 12 tabards - i know i am saving 6 tabards for hopes of getting clarissa next month but should i use the other 6 tabards on slow marie?

I have khiona, grimble, aeron, quintus and seshat at 4/80 already

I have Marie maxed with emblems and I personally love her. Have her in my main def and since then my def has won matches more than prior when I ran Sesh. Weird I know. I use her as right flank. I use her frequently for offense too. Her HoT is great and her tile damage is great maxed which contributes to the special hit all and helps a lot with titans. Plus she adds the def buff which is always nice. Her zombie effect has helped me win matches before on offense but with def, hard to say since I don’t see them. At slow mana she doesn’t get the credit she deserves imo and I am not one to write heroes off because of slow mana speed alone. I have zero regrets in maxing mine! And unless a monk I consider more worthy comes along she gets the emblems. I also have Finley with her in my defense and that 3% attack boost might not seem like much but with both of them already having high tile damage it adds up. Pic of my Marie…

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I’d max one, having 1 slow hero on defence won’t actually hurt you. But if you want to wait you can for next month hotm, if you do pull hotm then maybe wait for guardians for a panther then wait for… Sometimes use what you got :woman_shrugging:

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