Is Margaret useable now with the buff? Margaret Balance Discussion

I’ve been using Margaret at 3/70 offensively in my green stack. She’s quite useful when the enemy team has multiple snipers. I usually put Margaret on the “left wing” position and have Brynhild on the right wing position. That way, the left side of my team has dodge and the right side has defense up against special skills. I just saw that thread about how Margaret’s dodge stacks with C.Kadilen/Inari’s dodge. Pretty crazy. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge!

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Guys, why your HOTM Margaret can dodge caster and nearby allies but Kadilen C dodges for all allies and became a game changer?
Margaret worth to be same.
That’s not fair guys. That’s not cool.

Margaret is vfast, Kadilen is fast

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there are two dodge types in the game:

  1. dodges direct damage only meaning status ailments bypasses it (Margaret, Little John costume and rogue class)
  2. dodges everything including status ailments and dispelling (kadilen costume and inari)

going to your point, they different speeds, different dodge types, different dodge chances and different rewards, they cannot be compared equally.
Margaret rewards mana on dodge which is very good and has very high chance against snipers.

kadilen costume has a solid 45% chance with the reward being a normal minion

costume kadilen makes inari look weak in comparison


The mana you get i don’t even think is enough to shave off a tile

I pair Margaret with cKadilen in wars, it can be very effective since their skills are additive. Margaret has a higher dodge % for snipers so I wouldn’t say it’s not fair

Each dodge gives 24% of mana, that’s at least a tile for very fast, 2 tiles for Fast and more for other heroes.

I would really appreciate an update of her currently as I pulled her recently and I am hesitant about maxing her ASAP.

In the current double formation, Margaret would give her dodge at Very Fast speed to ALL allies. Which would be strong!

But… she’s a brittle hero, and there’s a very fast fire hero that will likely apply his skill to her specifically which would also torch all her allies as well.

On offense she has good value for protecting critical allies. And she is also good for bringing tile damage to blue titans.

I enjoy this hero on offense. And am debating trying the double formation with a taunter but that would require moving emblems. So… I’m waiting for beta to formalize how their going to do these formations…

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I counter her dodge with heroes like Victor and GM. She hardly ever dodges those skills. IMO only good on offense when you can pair her with high damage snipers

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I believe she has aged like fine wine now. as the meta has shifted to more faster heroes, she has the skills to support your key heroes more efficiently. And with the 2019 hotm bonus that will increase her attack by another 20%. Even without 2 other hotm mates, she still gets a 10% attack boost which is still a win to me. And limit break would increase her damage even more. I believe the attack stat of an LB Margaret is no joke


I definitely still find her useful, especially against sniper-heavy teams. Great for protecting my brittle key heroes. She’s also a staple on my Titan team for both that, and her high tile damage

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Not finished yet but she’s my favorite!


She just popped out the portal for me. I have loads of spare rogue emblem so think I’ll max her. Any good position on defense and is it better to put slow heroes by her side or healers or fast hitters?

Not really.

She is good next to a taunter on offense.
Even if that happens to be Shrubbear


This issue remains unresolved

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Not great on defence as nearby enemies can be easily dispelled and she can be killed with tiles, but she’s decent on offense against a sniper heavy team (or even strong AoE hitters). Used to use her heaps in wars but not so much any more as I have a deeper roster now.

Is she decent on tower style events?

It’s a shame she sucks on defense. Does the immunity to dispel not really make a difference since it’s only her?

only on earlier floors - at higher floors her dodge only lasts one turn.

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The dispell immunity is great imo if she is around heroes that have lots of buffs. Her attack stat goes really high limit broken and emblemed for attack (1016). Shes definitely more useful on offense than defense I would say since i have better control of when to use dodge. But one of the most frustrating things about her is when she doesnt dodge a special especially against Khufu or another heavy hitting sniper.
Using her against heroes like Anne is almost a guaranteed dodge

I love it when the hero discusses him/herself like a testimonial in threads like these

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