Is magni a good tank?

Will magni be a good tank?

No… his defense is too low…


Is magni best, good, meh, bad, or worst? Because he add 63% defense to nearby allies

As per Elpis, if you can boost his Def and revive with emblems, not terrible.

But without that, in the current meta, as per @yelnats_24 his Def is too low. He’ll get taken out before the Def buff fires.


A +10 magni is overpowered

63% defense is only after he fire and can be dispelled easily especially with abundance of green dispeller.

I would say average (emblem)/bad (no emblem)…

Here are some guide:

On Boril vs Magni…

If both fire without dispeller ready, green stack against Boril would cause them to kill themselves. However with Magni, they can go on finding tiles to dispel.


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