Is Mad Hatter worth it?

I got a mad hatter in a pull along time ago. I just started working on him and got him up to level 3^1. I also have an Evelyn 3^70. I was wondering is Mad Hatter worth maxing out or get him to 3^70 and move on?

Depends on your team builds and mana troop levels I’d say, I’m very happy with Hatter as my splash portion of my 3/2 build (that includes Eve and Lianna). I am pairing him with a 23 mana troop though so his average speed doesn’t bother me like it would for some. I do think that Eve should be maxed first though.


Mad hatter is awesome.

Eve should be Maxed first. No question. she needs to live.
Hatter should be maxed second.
But make no mistake— Hatter should be maxed. He is one of my favorite heroes and I raid frequently, steal aegir, alby, ares, and guin buffs… then destroy the enemy at will and with ease. :slight_smile:


That’s someone I’d like! Def worth mats! It’s someone you can have fun with! I kinda like the fun heros!


As stated above.
Eve first.
Mad hatter a Must second.
Wish he was faster as eve fires before hatter so I can’t steal as many buffs. Really effective against aiger and any riposte hero.

Lots of fun.


I’m jealous, Hatter and Evelyn are greens I want the most.

I think Hatter has such an amazing special. I’d definitely max Evelyn first, but Hatter is amazing and I can’t imagine that you’d regret maxing him.


Glad to see this thread. I’ve been sitting on Hatter 3/70 and wondering if he’s tonic-worthy. Unless I pull Kingston, he’s next.


I have The Hatter. He’s fun and I’d say worth it. He’s in my defense team but that’s mostly due to a lack of nature heroes for defense. He shines on offense. I like him particularly against aegir tanks and zimkithy wings.

At least go to 3.70 and see what you think. My only disappointment (if you can call it that) is his class. Having Ariel and wanting emblems on Rigard, Tha Hatter will not get emblems any time soon, and that’s a shame.


Definitely Evelyn. Even if she works at 3/70, it is better for her to be maxed.

She just makes all other greens better not including her dispel.

Well, he can be fun but I find his use very limited and he mostly comes out only during the wars. My everyday to-go greens are Evelyn + Lianna (or Kingston now) + Alby (or Tarlak). In a retrospect, I would have maxed second Evelyn instead, but if you do not have such options (especially, if not having any green dispeller), he is decent enough and certainly worth your tonics.

I agree with this whole post, but this I think is key. I wish he were not a cleric.

I love the hatter, I use raid with him every day. Granted I don’t have so many other greens (I have greg and kad, but no eve, fancypants kingston or even lianna) so he’s my go to friend for green stacks and when raiding against aegir and pretty much any of the buff brigades.

I do see a time coming where having lots of buffs become more risky, but I don’t think there will be enough Finleys and Snow Whites (or the like) out there for awhile to make me use him much less. And until then Hatter is love. :heart_eyes_cat:

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I have options on my raiding teams but if I see a buff heavy team the hatter is in there and if he fires at the right time I usually win. Yea class is a pain as my emblems go to aerial.

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Thank you all for responding. I’m glad to know I haven’t been waiting resources on him while I’m waiting for more mystic tonics. I’ll keep playing with him and Evelyn to figure out I’ll use more and max that one first.

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I think, given that we are getting more and more complex specials and buffs Hatter will become more and more useful, unless we get more heroes like him.

Can be buffs like zombie blessing or ailments inmune stolen?

YES. He steals the zombie blessings. I think he can steal anything that can be dispelled. Luckily he leaves behind the bad stuff.

My Hatter is still at 3/70. I use him in wars and raids against Aegir and other buff/riposte distributors.

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Fully maxed Hatter and Evelyn. Max Eve first as she makes Hatter so much better. Don’t forget he also hits hard also. I like him at Avg because I want EVELYN firing first. A turn or two later when the buffs come out it is his turn.


I am using Hatter a lot lately, he is a bit niche but is so powerful against a buff heavy defense. I think he is an offense only hero though - got quite a few of those now.

Which emblem path for him? Not for my def team but not sure if I should go for survival instead of hit?

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